10 TLS® Trainer Tips for Weight Loss Success

Words can be very empowering, especially during a weight loss journey. That is why we’ve teamed up with the Director of TLS® Field Development and Sales, Susan Pasqual, and the 2014 TLS® Certified Coach of the Year, Joanne Orshan, to share “TLS Trainer Tips” with those looking to lose weight during the 2014 Fall Find Your Fit Challenge. Read on for helpful weight loss advice from TLS experts below!

TLS Trainer Tips from Susan Pasqual

Protein and Fiber at every meal makes losing weight no big deal.  Don’t skimp on them…they will change your body and keep you full.

Avoid artificial sweeteners.  Things like soda, and “diet” foods contain them.  They actually make you crave sugar.

If you have sugar cravings or feel starving, you could be dehydrated.  Don’t forget to drink your water.  Warm water with lemon helps with cravings.

Don’t turn to food for comfort.  When you feel stressed, go for a walk, listen to your favorite music, call a friend and most of all REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!

The key to change is to let go of fear.  You are worth being healthy for.  Nothing can stand in your way unless you let it.

TLS Trainer Tips from Joanne Orshan

Accountability is key. If you don’t have time to jot down what you’re eating, take a photograph on your phone and write it as soon as you can. This way you won’t forget what you ate.

Small steps lead to big results. Take this one day at a time. TLS is not a race. This is a lifestyle change and it takes courage and commitment for long-term results.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Whenever you get that craving for a yummy snack, just say to yourself, “remember how good you will feel when you lose the weight” Say it again and again, 100 times if you must. It helps me realize having a chocolate bar isn’t as important as being happy about yourself.

Stand up for weight loss. Before you sit at the computer or in front of TV set a timer for 50 minutes. Stand up for 10 minutes. Stretch, unload the dishwasher, dust one room – just make sure you are on your feet for 10 minutes of every waking hour. It keeps your metabolism from slowing to a crawl.

Use your calendar. I make appointments to exercise in my calendar. This way, time is set aside and I have no excuse. [For instance] Would you show up if you had a doctor appointment in your calendar? Same thing.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with participants in the 2014 Fall Find Your Fit Challenge? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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