2 Delicious 30-minute Thanksgiving Recipes

Looking for some quick and easy Thanksgiving recipes that will take less than an hour to prepare for your Framily gathering? You have come to the right place! We put together 2 recipe ideas that can be prepared in about 30 minutes or so, leaving you plenty of time to browse those Black Friday deals on SHOP.COM. All these recipes serve 4, so double the ingredients according to the number of people*

Chili and Garlic Grilled Chicken with Salsa

       4 skinless & boneless chicken breast cut into halves

       1 tsp. chili powder: Walmart 0.02 IBV

       ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

       Ground black pepper

       1 chopped avocado

       1 clove of garlic chopped

       1 chopped small shallot

       Kosher salt

       ½ chopped and seeded jalapeno

       ¼ cup lime juice

       1 tbsp. lime zest

       Lemon wedges for serving

       ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil: igourmet $1.08 Cashback & 1.08 IBV

       2 cup pitted and chopped sweet cherries

Combine chicken, lime zest, ½ tsp. pepper, chili powder, garlic, 2 tbsp. lime juice, and 3 tbsp. oil in a large zip-lock bag. Marinate this in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

While the chicken marinates, combine cilantro, cherries, 2 tbsp. lime juice, jalapeno, shallot and 1 tsp. oil in a bowl. Season this with salt and pepper and leave for 15 minutes. Next, fold in avocado.

Pat the chicken dry after removing from the marinade and put on a medium-high grill. Season with salt and pepper and grill until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Allow to rest for 5 minutes and serve with lime wedges and salsa.


Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

       1 garlic clove

       4 large sweet potatoes

       1 bunch spinach

       1 tbsp. olive oil: igourmet $1.08 Cashback & 1.08 IBV

       1 large lime

       Black pepper

       1 can black beans: Boxed $0.16 Cashback & 0.32 IBV

       Kosher salt

       6 oz. non-fat Greek yogurt

       A pinch of cayenne pepper: UnbeatableSale $0.41 Cashback & 0.51 IBV

       1.2 tsp. ground cumin: Walmart 0.11 IBV


Stab the sweet potatoes with a fork, place on a microwave-safe plate and cook for 16-18 minutes or until they get tender. Remember to turnover in between.

While the potatoes are in the microwave, take a large skillet and heat oil and garlic over medium-heat. Add cayenne, beans, 2 tbsp. water and cumin into the skillet. Increase the heat and cook for 2 minutes. Next, add ¼ tsp. salt and spinach for 1-2 minutes.

Once the potatoes are done, split them and season with salt and pepper. Squeeze a lime wedge over them and top off with a bean mixture. Serve with sliced scallions, a spoonful of yogurt and some extra lime wedges.

Have fun preparing these recipes!




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