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2016 Market Singapore Leadership School

Being able to expand our business into other countries is one of the best rewards we can offer our UnFranchise Owners all over the world. It was a true honor to witness greatness with some of our corporate leaders as well as some of the top field leaders sharing some insights on their paths to success with The Shopping Annuity. The power of our business being global is such a  dynamic and revolutionary concept and it was met with such enthusiasm from our UnFranchise owners this week as Marc Ashley and Andrew Weissman made a special trip to Singapore for #MASGLS2016.

Shu Yang started the day’s sessions going over the Two-Year-Plan vs. the 45-Year-Plan, as well as updates on the company’s exclusive products and our partner stores. Our Vice President, Andrew Weissman broke down the power of The MPCP and closed out with the revamped UnFranchise Business Presentation.

One of the main highlights of an event such as this is the time we take to celebrate the success of our UnFranchise and in  part one of Powered by People: Recognizing Your Success, was lead by Supervising Coordinator, Richard Ng. He highlighted some amazing success stories of everyday people just like yourself!

Our country manager for Market Singapore, Jojo Soh Welcomed the crowd to Day 2 of the Market Singapore® 2016 Leadership School and was followed by Andrew Weissman as he gives the important details on getting started right and having the tools for success that you need to build your Shopping Annuity.

We are back to the things that made our training system so wonderful and it is the GLOBAL MEETING AND TRAINING SEMINAR SYSTEM which Jerry Tay went on to discussing The Power of Leverage with the GMTSS on Day 2.

The crowd held onto their seats as or President and CEO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley wowed the crowd with Part One of the Shopping Annuity™ Tools and Advancements. Marc stated: “ I am amazed by the first class professional UFO’s we have in Singapore. The UFO’s were hanging onto every word from each and every leader on stage. Every presenter spoke with passion and enthusiasm and It’s easy to see why Singapore is growing.”

There was a special session of The Andrew Weissman Show: You and Your Shopping Annuity Andrew Weissman and Special Guests. Some of the additional topics covered were:

  • Leadership Skills Part One: Attributes, Attitude and Mindset with Johnny Huang
  • Stay Healthy TLS™ Team
  • Powered by People: Recognizing Your Success with Shu Yang
  • New Beauty Products and Motives® Model Search Runway Show with Ice Lee & Linda Kuo
  • Your Goal and Goal Statement with Jessica Lee
  • Power Profile with Eddie Choo
  • Retailing for Success with Michelle Lieu
  • Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring with Vincent Low
  • Following Up and the ABC Pattern for Building Depth with Candice Yang
  • Power Profile with May Lai
  • Asia-Pacific Updates with Anthony Kwan
  • New Market Entry Strategies with James Kuo and Field Leaders
  • The Master UFO Program: A Structured System for Success with Ruby Chan
  • Taking the MPCP to a Higher Power with Andrew Weissman
  • Power Profile with Ginnie Ang
  • Power People: Recognizing Your Success with Richard Ng
  • Leadership Skills Part Two: Strengthening and Managing Your Organisation with Stacy Tung TLS: The Customisable Weight Management Solution with Verna Tay
  • Power People: Recognizing Your Success with Richard Ng
  • New Health & Nutrition Products with Emily Quek
  • maWebCenters and the Shopping Annuity with Chwen Lim and Maxim Lim
  • Social Media and the Shopping Annuity with Frank Chang
  • Power Profile with Nina Hale
  • The Andrew Weissman Show: Lead by Example with Special Guests
  • Marc Ashley closing with Market America: Past, Present and Future

Thank you to all that made this event such a huge success with a packed house of thousands of UnFranchise Owners who came together to learn and grow while also celebrating our success and planning for the future!

For more photos take a look here:

Day 1 –

Day 2 –

Day 3 –

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