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2017 SHOP.COM Holiday Landing Pages Overview

Happy Holidays!

We hope that you chose SHOP.COM as your destination for holiday shopping. With a chance for BV, IBV, and Cashback, why wouldn’t you want to fund your Shopping Annuity through SHOP.COM? It’s an easy decision!

This holiday season, the SHOP.COM team created a lot of special deals and promotions for UnFranchise Owners. More is always better when it comes to our promotions. However, with so many promotions, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Since the holidays are winding down, we wanted to put together an overview of all of the holiday promotions that are still going on. This can be your one stop shop to funding your Shopping Annuity!

Check out the promotions below.

Holiday Central Landing Page

SHOP.COM’s Holiday Gift Guides

With SHOP.COM’s Holiday Gift Guides, you can find the right present for whoever you are shopping for in one convenient location. The Holiday guides are broken down into many categories because there are so many different people or groups that fall into various categories. Presents for him, her, teens, children, and babies are the right categories if you are shopping for an individual.


The perfect last-minute presents this holiday season are SHOP.COM eGifts. With SHOP.COM eGifts, you can give a gift to anyone at anytime! eGifts is the perfect online shopping tool to make gift giving easy and quick.

SHOP.COM Buying Guides & Trends 

The fight to find the perfect gift, table setting or party outfits finds itself within a tight timeline. Not sure how to choose the right option? Our buying guides give you comparisons, tips, terminology, and more so you can be informed before you buy!

Get in on the hottest holiday trends! Loren Ridinger, Amber Ridinger McLaughlin are sharing their shopping tips, tricks and find for the holiday season as well as top seasonal picks from smart shoppers in the SHOP.COM trend community. Everything from what is hot in fashion, to beauty, home decor, makeup, top toys, accessories and more!

Holiday 2017 Express Pay

With the busy holiday season, it’s important to value your time wisely and save time when it’s possible. One easy way to save time is to use Express Pay on SHOP.COM!


eGift Cards From SHOP.COM

The solution to all of your problems are eGift Cards from SHOP.COM. eGift Cards are excellent for the last-minute shopper. They’re perfect when you know someone likes to shop from a certain store, but you don’t know exactly what they want. eGift Cards give the recipient an option of what they would like to purchase.

2017 Holiday Cheer Contest

From now through December 31st, enter the Holiday Cheer Contest for a chance to win extravagant prizes. There will be three lucky winners; two first place winners and one second place winner. For first place, two lucky winners will receive a $200 SHOP.COM Gift Card. 2nd place will receive 2 boxes of #Selfiecookies.

Holiday Wrapping Made Easy

This holiday season, take advantage of gift wrapping services from select partner stores from SHOP.COM. You can shop from nearly 50 partner stores and use their gift wrapping services. The presents will be perfectly wrapped and mailed to you so they are ready to go. Holiday wrapping has never been easier!

Buy Online And Collect In Store

This holiday season, UnFranchise Owners and SHOP.COM customers can purchase their gifts online and choose the in store pickup option from a number of our partner stores. This option will ensure that you receive your gifts in time for the holidays. Plus, you can still earn Cashback and IBV from these participating stores!

Deck Your Home For The Festive Season

It’s time to deck your home for the festive season with SHOP.COM! One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is to add decorations to your surrounding environment. Whether that be in your home, outside your home, or even in the office, nothing proves your in the festive spirit more than holiday décor.

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