2018 California Business Trainings With Dennis Franks

With 2017 almost over, it’s time to look ahead to 2018 and what better way to start off the new year than with UnFranchise training.

In the beginning of January, Executive Vice President Dennis Franks will be hosting multiple business trainings in Southern California. Sponsored by Team SoCal, Dennis Franks will be apart of a local seminar, two TLS events, and an UnFranchise Business Presentation. All of the events will be in Brea, California.

The scheduled events are:

  • Local Seminar on 1/6/18
  • TLS 101 on 1/7/18 (morning)
  • TLS 101 on 1/7/18 (afternoon)
  • UnFranchise Business Presentation on 1/10/18

These trainings reaffirm the fact that the UnFranchise Business is growing all over the United States. More and more teams like SoCal are sponsoring business building events in order to bring the UnFranchise Business to their community. This is the power of Market America!

Use these trainings as stepping stones towards MAWC2018. Learn from one of the best minds in the business in Dennis Franks and apply it to your lifestyle in order to see results. Share these flyers with your team!







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