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2018 Holiday Wrapping Services Available From Select Partner Stores

Is your holiday present missing “something?” Do you want to take your holiday gift to the next level and kick it up a notch? Would you like to add a professional service to put the finishing touches on your present? The solution is holiday wrapping services. 

Some people have the magic touch when it comes to wrapping. These people are very skilled and delicate when it comes to wrapping presents. However, a lot of us lack precision and are left disappointed in their wrapping ability. It is OK to admit that you struggle to wrap presents. There is no need for the added stress. Let the stores takeover and wrap your holiday presents.

UnFranchise® Owners can sign up for holiday wrapping services at select Partner Stores. Here are a few of the Partner Stores that offer holiday wrapping services: Gap, Jared, Calvin Klein, JC Penny, Target, and The North Face. To view the entire list of Partner Stores with holiday wrapping services, click here.

Remember, that purchasing gifts through our Partner Stores can help fund your Shopping Annuity® with IBV and Cashback. Fund your Shopping Annuity and receive a perfectly wrapped present. It’s the best of both worlds! 

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