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2019 Northeast Regional Recap

From start to finish, the 2019 Market America Northeast Regional was an incredibly powerful event. With featured speakers and field leaders flying in from all over the country, including President & COO, Marc Ashley, MANER was truly unforgettable. Phil Guido, Northeast Regional Director, put on an incredibly powerful event for UnFranchise Owners that was jam-packed with information, inspiration, and everything a UFO needs for proper implementation. The weekend was jam-packed with learning and key business building tips but in a fun, unique way. Continue reading for the highlights of the events and see photos from attendees.

To ramp up excitement for MANER2019, Phil Guido hosted a photo contest where people could post creative posts about the upcoming event. The posts were EXCELLENT and were acknowledged on stage. The winner was a GOT (Game of Thrones) themed photo “MANER2019 is coming”.  To recognize the winner, Phil came out dressed as Jon Snow and knighted the winner the king of the North! Make sure to enter next year’s photo contest to have a chance at your photo being recreated!

Each segment throughout the weekend was incredibly helpful to business owners, both new and experienced. Lisa Grant kicked off the event and shared how to leverage social media to talk about products.  She shared that real testimonials is more powerful than sharing features and benefits.  Following Lisa, Andrew Chee was a major highlight of the weekend.  Andrew talked about how to create more possibilities by meeting more people in fun environments.  Rather than stressing about inviting people to a UBP, start a game night and invite people to that.  Or a Saturday morning hiking club.  Or a themed get together each Wednesday night.  Those types of events are easy to invite people you know! When you are there, you will have fun and be in a relaxed environment and the business conversations can come up more naturally!  It’s a great way to connect with people and talk one:one in a relaxed environment which can lead to opportunities to set appointments to show the plan or sell a product!

Melanie Nelson graced the stage three times on Saturday . First, sharing tips for mastering the 3-foot rule.  It’s all taking advantage of every opportunity to connect with people and create new possibilities. Shifting gears to the Majors, Melanie spoke about TLS and the new incentive to look and feel your best in time for the holidays.  She also shared her personal time when she finally realized she “had enough and was ready to live a more healthy lifestyle”. She asked the audience if they had their “had enough moment.”

Next up for the majors was WebCenters. Jason Pelland reminded the audience that everyone was connected to small businesses and therefore were great candidates for the web center program?  But rather than telling the audience that they should talk to business owners they know (restaurants they eat, service providers they do business with etc.) he had Certified trainers such as Russell Polo and Kristen Wampler join him on stage to do some role-playing to SHOW us HOW to talk to business owners we know!

Lisa Brown hit the stage to talk about SHOP Financial.  Wouldn’t it be great to get out of debt in 2020 and save money doing it?  SHOP Financial is like a GPS that gives you the quickest way to debt-free. Share this video with your customers to introduce them to SHOP Financial.

Bonnie Philo is always a true source of joy and information for us. She walked us through conversational prospecting and qualifying.  Her natural and genuine interest in others is the key to her success. And a wakeup call to focus less on what we want and more on what our prospects want to get them to their goals.

Sarah Rose Stack and Larry Rogowsky hosted multiple recognition segments celebrating the success of UFOs in the northeast region.  There are so many people to celebrate that the stage had to be emptied multiple times to make room to recognize everyone!  Congrats to our Top Recruiter and E Weber award winner – Dawn Florio!!!

Marc Ashley was on FIRE!  During his segments, he focused on the company’s ethics and standards of operation which is something we hold to the highest value. We are proud to be a two-time recipient of the BBB Torch Award for market place ethics. This is the most prestigious award the BBB can present to a company. Not only are we proud of our standard of ethics and BBB standing, we are proud that all of our products go through not one but two-tier inspections before we allow them to be sent out to customers. Speaking of products, Marc also highlighted some of our newest groundbreaking products that have been released while also giving the northeast a sneak peek at the HUGE expansions that are coming to multiple product lines including our Hemp line, Pet products, and Shopping Annuity brand products.  You’ll have to be at MAWC2019 if you want to know more about those!

Did you know that the Northeast is packed with talent?  Past Karaoke winners include Sarah Rose Stack, Tracy Wells, Larry Rogowsky and Barry Golomb.  This year’s contest kicked off at 9 pm and the room was packed with UFOs ready to have fun, network and of course share their talent.  Hosted by Sarah Rose and Larry – they kicked it off with their rendition of “Shallow” followed by a surprise sax solo by John Mangione. Everyone had a great time (and networked throughout!!) and our 2019 Champions were given their Northeast Grammys!  In third place, Tracy Wells (You oughta know).  Second place –  Stacy Whited (The Rose) and our newest 1st place winner was Elaina (Heard it through the Grapevine)!  Don’t miss it next year – this is an after-party not to be missed!

Sunday was POWERFUL!! Meet the majors continued with Sarah Tugender (who rocked an awesome baby bump and is a few weeks away from delivering!).  She focused on the importance of training in Nutrametrix so you can experience success.  Motives and Conquer followed and laid out their programs for specializing in their respective areas as well!

Jim Dwyer hosted a doctor’s panel.  He brought a fun/light-hearted humor and asked the panels all the questions we all get every day from our customers.  Dr. Sharon Lawrence, Dr.Dan Witkowsku, and Dr. Tamara Weinstein took us to school and helped us to learn great ways to respond to those important questions that come up!

Cullen Haskins followed on creating your vision and mission with a powerful presentation and great humor.  His smile is contagious and he had the room feeling clear on their goals and determining their “why”

Phil Guido and Benson Chen then lead with the BEST presentation ever.  A real-life reenactment of imprinting! By acting out Benson’s experience with prospecting chickens (played by Wendy Moquin, Bonnie Philo, Barry Gloms) and ducks (David and Stacy Whited) – we learned how to properly qualify our prospects to get to the geese (Amber Yang and Min Liu).

The event was rounded off with powerful segments from Marc Bernacci on building belief and culture.  Followed by the top money earner, and top inspiration to us all – Elizabeth Weber!  She finished the event with her Top 13 qualities of an UnFranchise Owner to send everyone on their way – ready to build and bring their dreams to reality in 2020!

Here’s what Phil Guido, Northeast Regional Director, had to say about the incredible weekend at MANER 2019:

A huge congratulations should go out to the entire Northeast Region for an incredible 2019 Northeast Regional Convention. Marc Ashley, President, and Chief Operating Officer, was our headliner and he was amazing. Marc really brought excitement and education. He thoroughly covered the credibility behind Market America, and introduced the new Isotonix Astaxanthin, as well as sharing great information about some of our other new product introductions; Thymenol, CannibiQuin, and CannabiCool. Many top Market America Speakers from around the United States appeared on stage for the event, including; MA’s Top Earner, International Field President, Elizabeth Weber-Walliser, from North Carolina. David and Stacy Whited, Sothern Regional Directors,  flew in from Kansas City. Melanie Nelson, Director of TLS Sales, just completed an International trip a day before the event, but she made it to Rhode Island and was a major contributor. Cullen Haskins, Southeast Regional Director, from Clearwater, Florida was there and delivered a phenomenal training on Sunday. Director and Million Dollar Club Member Sharon Lawrence, also from Florida, was part of a Health Professional panel along with Dr. Dan Witkowski and Dr. Tamara Weinstein. Corporate Sales Team Member, Andrew Chee came in from Toronto Canada, and Marc Bernacchi from Philadelphia and both contributed tremendous training segments, while also generating a lot of excitement. Additional speakers from the Northeast Region included Bonnie Philo, Executive Director and Lisa Grant, Field Vice President. A definite highlight of this year’s Northeast Regional was the training skit performed on Sunday by Northeast Regional Director, Phil Guido, with Local Coordinator, Benson Chen and an all-star cast (Bonnie Philo, Wendy Moquin, David and Stacy Whited, Barry Golomb, Amber Yang, and Min Liu), dressed in colorful costumes depicting chickens, ducks and geese.  The skit sought out to illustrate JR Ridinger’s explanation of imprinting and how it applies to building the UnFranchise business. Continuing on that theme, a new award referred to as the Northeast Region Golden Goose Award was presented to 24 very deserving UnFranchise Owners, each of whom played an important role in the success of this year’s event. We would be remiss if we did not mention the epic DJ party and Karaoke Contest that was held on Saturday evening.

Check out some of our favorite photos from attendees using #MANER2019 and then go to the Market America Facebook page to see the full album of photos from the event taken by Christian Werth:

Don’t forget to check out the full album of photos from the event HERE.

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