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5 Tips to Make 2019 Resolutions Stick!

New Year’s resolutions are infamously tough to keep. In fact, 80% of resolutions fail within the first six weeks of the year! Some fail due to lack of willpower and some due to extraneous circumstances, but all deal a pretty hefty blow to morale. This year, be one of the few who actually stick with those healthy goals with these 5 tips to make New Year’s Resolutions stick!



Most lists include some combination of exercising more, eating better, spending less money, and paying more attention to self-care.  With such good intentions, why can’t we make them stick?  Unfortunately, most of us tend to take on too much by strapping ourselves with too many resolutions and goals at once, often choosing the most challenging issues without a long-term plan and safety net in place. Here’s how to break the pattern:


Limit the Number of Resolutions.

Instead of making a list of 25 goals you want to achieve in the next twelve months, decide on two or three to focus on instead.  You will have a much better chance of making it until December if you don’t overwhelm yourself. Plus, allowing yourself the energy and time to focus on supporting habits will help reduce your stress!


Find Your “Why”

Changing habits isn’t easy, and you’re going to face a number of challenges – large and small – on your journey to create new ones. So, it’s important to know your reason behind making those changes! A good tip for keeping a New Year’s resolution past the third week in January is to tie it strongly to a reason why and repeat the New Year’s resolution and the ‘why’ to yourself every morning! For example: “I want to eat cleaner to have more energy to play with my kids”.


Set “Prevention” Goals

There are two big types of goals: Promotion and prevention. Promotions goals are ones that typically involve an aspiration that focuses on something we’d like to achieve.  These are the typical “I want to lose weight to look better in my favorite dress”. Prevention goals are goals that we feel we’re responsible for doing that focuses on a duty or obligation, and these sounds more along the lines of “I’d like to lose weight because I have a duty to my family to be healthy”.

Sure, promotion goals feel better but prevention goals work better! This is because promotion goals tend to fall off-track when a better option pops up like having that second piece of cake at your friend’s birthday party. When you’ve set a prevention goal, however, the sense of obligation kicks in which helps you stick to your goals.


Make a Monetary Commitment to Resolutions

For this tip, it’s best to take your large goal and break it down into smaller, more set goals. This could include taking your vitamins each morning or setting a number of times you’ll go to the gym in a week. Next, assign a monetary amount you’d have to pay if you don’t achieve those smaller goals! If you reach the end of the week, you’ll earn a cash reward to treat yourself for your hard work. If you don’t you can donate your money or set it aside to earn back over the following week.


Start With Smaller Resolutions to Build Upon

The “go big or go home” mindset rarely works when you’re changing large, daily habits. We like consistency and our brains tend to resist change, so it makes more sense to start with a small goal and build upon it. Instead of committing to never eating sugar again, try replacing 2 sugary snacks a week with a healthy protein. Once you’ve made that a habit, move on to another sugary area of your diet!

This will help you avoid the blow that comes with not reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself (even if it was unrealistic in the first place) and help keep you motivated and inspired to keep pushing forward!



How are you planning to stick to your 2019 resolutions this year
Tell us in the comments below!

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