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28 Days of Skin: RECAP

In the month of October, we kicked off the #28DAYSOFSKIN Challenge where we documented our skincare journey together with Lumiere De Vie products. We went over the products that may enhance your routine and the power of skincare. Whether you had a 3-step skincare routine or graduated to a 5-step routine, so many of you saw amazing results in under a month!





My 21 days [have been] AMAZING! My scar pigment obviously shows much lighten [or lighter], my face condition [is] much brighter with radiance. My skin feels soft and firm.” – Pearly Ko






“I noticed smoother, softer skin and a more even skin tone that was brighter and less dull. I also noticed a change in the “11” that was just starting above my eyes (hard to see in the pic, but it’s the main reason I took on the challenge). My favorite addition to my skincare regime has to be the Rose Quartz Roller – LOOOOVE IT!” – Shannon Bagdigian 





“I am so pleased. My skin is brighter, firmer, and has a healthy glow and that line I have between my brows is going away. YAY!!” – Cornelia Stevens 





It’s never too late to start.

It takes 28 days to create a habit and it takes 28 days for your skin to regenerate. So why not start now on your own terms! Start your #28DAYSOFSKIN Challenge and see what a consistent skincare routine can do. Encourage your customers to join you and remind them that it is never too late for them either. To target which products match your skin goals, shop by your skin concern here.

Share your journey with your customers.

Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials! Share the products you’re using throughout the challenge and share great articles like this one. It’s a great way to connect to your customers and effortlessly express selling points.

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Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja