#28DAYSOFSKIN Challenge

Real Results from real people.  You’re invited to the 28 Day Real Results Skincare Challenge. A skincare challenge based on your own terms. Level up your skin regimen as the seasons change.

#28DAYSOFSKIN Challenge

Did you know that your skin regenerates every 28 days? Did you know that it also takes 28 days to create a new habit?  This can be a jumpstart to a new YOU. Join us in our #28DAYSOFSKIN challenge and see how your skin will transform when you practice a regular skincare routine. This challenge isn’t just for you this is a great opportunity to invite your customers to join this challenge, this is a great way for you to boost skincare sales. Re-connect with customers who have purchased skincare in the past, and create new relationships with clients to help them find a skincare routine to best fit their skin’s needs.

How You Can Participate in the #28DAYSOFSKIN Challenge

Step 1

Determine your #skingoals.  Choose your routine with skincare regimens that are perfectly curated for your personal goals. Not sure where to start? Here are some options:

  • Visit the #SkinGoals page on the Motives site and choose one of our curated skincare regimens.
    • Choose from: Hydrating & Brightening, Anti-aging, or troubled skin.
    • Decide if you’d like a 3-step, 5-step or 7-step system.
  • Want personalized recommendations from a skincare specialist (That’s YOU ;)?
    • Book a FREE virtual consultation with one of our experts for a more personalized regimen based on your unique needs.

Step 2

Bring us along on your journey!  Document your progress and share it with your network and with us on social! This way we can cheer you on!

  • Take a before picture before you start your regimen. This will help you see your changes over time. Check out our photo tips below so you can get the consistent progress photos to share with customers.
  • Take pictures every week, so others can see your results.
  • Encourage your customers to document their journey, consider offering them a discount on a re-order if they document their #28DAYSOFSKIN. After all, you already know word of mouth is one of the best ways to get referrals so you will want their friends and family to ask what they have been using the improve their skin.
  • Make short videos of your daily routine. Share it on Instagram with #28DAYSOFSKIN
  • Share what you are noticing along the way, favorite products, and encourage others to join in.
  • Use the hashtags #28DAYSOFSKIN  and be sure to tag @Lumieredevie and @Motiviescosmetics in all of your social posts.

Step 3

Celebrate your results! We will also be celebrating the results we see by sharing those participating in the challenge on the Lumière de Vie, Motives Cosmetics, and even Loren’s social pages. We may even randomly reward participants with exciting gifts to help you celebrate, so be sure to tag us!

How To Take Consistent Skincare Photos

Consistency and lighting is KEY to taking a great skincare selfie. Follow these tips to take great photos that are sure to impress your clients and have everyone asking what skincare products you are using.

  • Great natural light, stand by a large window or use a ring light to help illuminate your face and get rid of shadows. Be sure to take all of your photos at the same time of day so the lighting looks consistent.
  • Position yourself so your background is clean and simple so the focus is you and your skin.
  • Use the front-facing camera on your phone so can you see the picture before to snap it, be sure to wipe off the lense so your photo is clear and sharp.
  • Practice posing, once you find a pose you like be consistent with your progress photos. Pro-tip, shoot from above to give yourself a more slimming angle.
  • Ditch the filters and photo editing apps. You want this photo to show off what your skin truly looks like, so don’t over-edit or smooth over your skin.
  • Wear the same outfit, similar to how consistent lighting is key, consistency with your outfit is also important. Be sure to wear the same color in all of your progress photos, wearing a red or blue shirt can drastically change the appearance of your skin.

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