3 Essentials to Winning with Erica, Market Taiwan WCO

EricaIt’s time to start your WebCenter’s Challenge for Market Taiwan’s 2015 Annual Convention. Have you set your goals and start your plans? We would like to share with you the 2014 Leadership School WebCenter’s Challenge winner, Erica’s testimonial about how she managed to win the challenge in a short time! We look forward to having you showing your success to all the UnFranchise® Owners on the 2015 Annual Convention stage!
Testimonial from Erica, Market Taiwan’s 2014 Leadership School WebCenter’s Challenge Winner: “In my opinion, three things that are very essential to win the challenge are Goal Setting, Follow Up and Training.”
Goal Setting: For operating the UnFranchise® Business, simply duplicating the correct things every day mean to accumulate for your future success. But what’s even more important is to set a clear goal for your group. Winning a challenge and being a qualified UFO are two perfect goals you need to set up for inspecting your UnFranchise® Business. Once you give your commitment, you need to take the responsibility. Encourage your group members to move toward the goal with you all the time so you won’t get lost during the inspection and get nothing in the end.
Follow Up: By using the social media, you can make your name list after establishing your personal image. But the important thing is to follow up. First, make sure to correctly record customer’s data, including their company sites’ requirements for marketing, customers’ needs and possibilities for recruiting. All these need to be recorded on the day you meet with them. Second, usually, I use social media to make contacts. After that, I’ll call and make appointments. I will also text the customer to show my appreciation after having the appointment. If the customer requires a quotation, I’ll try my best to provide on the same day we meet. If the customer does not contact me, I’ll make an inquiry 3 or 4 days later. Don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes, the customer is really too busy to contact. Therefore, we need to be positive and passionate to follow up. When you’re doing a great follow-up, the customers won’t want to try other vendors for WebCenter really offers good services to resolve their problems!
Training: I think I don’t need to say anything more about the importance of training. No matter what major you are, you need to take each training at least once. If you are a WebCenter major, I suggest you repeatedly take the same lesson from different trainers. Our trainers are great. Each one of them can share their precious successful experiences to you. You can get to know the product in WCT101; you can discuss the name list and play the role in WCT201. As long as we show our positive attitude and are willing to cooperate, everyone can win the challenge. Wish you all can succeed in the WebCenter Challenge
Thanks and congratulations on your success Erica!

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