3 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

We all know, you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. This day typically involves wearing green EVERYTHING, parades, food and some partying. But, is there a right way to celebrate?

It doesn’t take the luck of the Irish to make St. Patrick’s Day festive. Whether you are at work, at home or with your kids, there are different ways to honor the Irish heritage and culture.

St. Patrick's day

Celebrate at Work

While most of us do not get St. Patrick’s Day off of work as a holiday, it can be a great way to increase employee morale and add some fun to the work day. A little bit of effort goes a long way in the work place!

  • Throw an Irish Feast – encourage employees to bring Irish-inspired or green dishes to the office. The possibilities here range from corned beef and cabbage to green-colored treats and veggies.
  • Go Green with the Dress code – allow people to show off their shamrocks, hats and overall green clothing! Plus, if you don’t wear green – you get pinched!
  • Incorporate activities – give away a prize for the member who dresses the best, (or allow everyone to vote) give away pot o’ gold pieces of candy, and even hide some shamrocks and give rewards to those who find them first.

St. Patricks day


St. Paddy’s at Home

If you are staying in for the night or having friends over to your home, you have more freedom to partake in festivities of your choice.

  • Offer Party Favors – if you want to host a proper party, party favors are a must-have. This is a great way to encourage people to come and not feel any pressure. Just ask that they bring a side dish!
  • Theme it Up – everywhere you go, you see green! That is fine and all, but where is the creativity? Try out a fun theme that centers around gold, rainbows or Irish beverages. However, when in doubt – go green!
  • Spread the joy – simply sending out cards for St. Patrick’s Day is a good idea. It is a thoughtful gesture that isn’t done often

st. patrick's day

Ideas with Kids

Who doesn’t love crafts? Keep the kiddos occupied and having fun with simple, but festive crafts. One of the best things about kids is their imaginations.

  • Shamrock Cards – this one is simple and children can give it their own flare! Make sure you have plenty of construction paper and assist with drawing shamrock shapes.
  • Pot of Gold Hunt – similar to an Easter egg hunt, you will leave chocolate gold coins around the house or neighborhood. Give the kids plastic hats or pots and host a scavenger hunt!

st. patrick's day

Tell us, how do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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