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3 Ways You Can Build Your Business During the Holidays

The holidays and the Shopping Annuity® go hand in hand! From to holiday decor to gift giving, there are opportunities around every tinsel-covered corner to fund your Shopping Annuity and build your business at the same time. UnFranchise® Owners can use the giving season to their advantage when in regards to growing their business and funding their Shopping Annuity. With endless opportunities to convert your spending into earning, the giving season will not only make your family and friends happy, but your wallet as well!

Social Media:

Social media is where people go to share their experiences and also learn from others. The holidays are the perfect time to build your business through social media. Use your social media to share testimonials from other customers about an experience they had with you as their Shop Consultant, or testimonials on top products your customers are loving. During the holiday season, more than any other time of year, shoppers are going to rely heavily on the testimonials and reviews of other shoppers while trying to quickly make educated purchases. Speaking of purchases, SHOP.COM is FULL of incredible tools that will make shopping a breeze for customers, especially during the busy holiday season. Use your social media accounts to share SHOP.COM tools such as MyLists, ShopBuddy, gift guides, etc!

Gifts & Marketing:

Trial size marketing is an effective way to sample our products with the goal of creating a life-long customer.  With the holidays coming up, why not give some of your exclusive products as gifts?  Not only will your friends and family love them, but it could also create possible reorders in the future.  Stumped for ideas? We’ve got you covered:

Networking During the Holidays:

The best way to solve a problem for someone is to understand what the problem is in the first place.  As you are mingling and reconnecting with people, ask questions such as “How’s work been?”  or “How’s the family?”

From there, the most important thing to say is…nothing.  Just listen:

  • Fully engage in what they are saying
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Avoid thinking about what you’re going to say next
  • Avoid disruptions (texting, thinking about other things etc.)
  • Be genuinely interested. People can tell when you’re not
  • Let them finish and then empathize / No One-Upping

You may find that you can help with something – whether that be a product or even the business.  Or, you may just add more names to your names list.  Either scenario is useful so just have fun, relax and make the most of the holiday season!


Do you have tips to add for building your business over the holidays? Share your tips with us in the comments below. 

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media