36 Ways to Market Your UnFranchise Business

When starting a business it takes a lot of work, nobody is an overnight success – it all comes down to perseverance and determination.

Unfortunately sometimes you can create an amazing business model but this alone won’t draw customers to you and ultimately customers are the ones whom will make your business successful. Some people get into the mindset that because they have started a business this entitles them to customers however business does not work this way. In order to get customer’s to come to you, you must first reach out to them.

So how exactly do you draw those customers in? The following list can help inspire you:

Write a Blog

Creating a blog is the perfect opportunity to extend your digital marketing strategy. Consumers are spending more time online and your brand needs to be where the consumers are.  Blogging is a fun way of blending “business” with “pleasure”. Today’s socially driven audience are searching for personality when it comes to whom they follow, so be sure to add a personal touch to your blog.

To learn more about the power of blogging check out this great article.

Cold Calling

Nothing can replace cold calling its fast and personal. Everyday it’s important to make serval cold calls and follow up on any new leads. You always have to be open to new opportunities.  Don’t let fear get in the way of your success.

Business Cards

Business Cards should be on you at all times you never know when you might need them. You can get business cards made from a partner store like vista print and get paid cash back. When getting your business cards created ensure you contain all the relevant information like your website, your phone number, your social media accounts, your email address etc.


Consumer’s love “free stuff” and the whole “try before you buy”! So it’s always a good idea to come up with some creative strategies for using free samples. Think about Costco’s they always have little setups in store that offer free samples which then entices you to purchase that product.

Find your market

Research, Research, Research! It’s important to narrow down whom you are going to market too and how. Reason being is what you market to a 35 year old man is not going to be the same as what you would market to a 25 year old lady. Makes Sense? So you need to understand whom is your target market – what’s their age?  What’s their gender? What are their hobbies? Once you narrow them down your goal is to then find out what they are missing in their lives offer a solution to their problems.

Improve Yourself

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your customers! As much as we like to think we are the best at what we do there is always room for improvement.

Attending Training Seminars like Annual Convention is another great way to improve your skills – you just don’t know, what you don’t know!

Be Social

Social media is the perfect platform to communicate your business to consumers but don’t overdo it! Yes there is a right way and a wrong way so don’t forget the basics – social media etiquette, keep your audience entertained, create valuable content etc.

Here are some useful links to get you started:

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Real Testimonials

People are much influenced when it comes to making buying decisions often they will read reviews or will get friends feedback before making their decision to purchase. So nothing will work better in your favour then “real testimonials”. These obviously will require you to first ask your customer for their permission to make their positive feedback a testimonial (please note you cannot post a testimonial without the customer’s full permission). If you currently aren’t using testimonials in your marketing strategy – START NOW!

Micro Influences

Big named brands use influences all the time to reach new customers. Nike use sporting stars, Maybelline use models like GiGi Hadid, Woolworths use celebrity Chef’s etc. etc. Now we definitely do not recommend you reach out to these high level influences unless you are prepared to pay a pretty penny but we do recommend you research micro influences. These are people whom have a medium size following on their blog or on social media (around 5k following). To learn a little more about how this could work for you check out the amazing success His Smile has had with this type of marketing.

Advertise on Blogs

Once you know your target market find out where they go. Are there any blogs that appeal to them that they would read? Contact the owner of the blog and see if they would be interested in giving you some advertising space.

Link everything together

Basically you should be leading everything back to you, therefore your blog should have you social, email and website link on it. Your email signature should have your social, website and blog link on it. Your social media should have your email, your blog and website link. Everything that’s yours should be uniformed.


This can often be an expensive option especially if you decide to go large (eg. Sponsoring the Sydney Swans). However you can lower the costs by thinking smaller maybe your kid’s local football team is looking for sponsorship. There are always smaller markets that will better suit your budget.

Brand Awareness

Branding yourself is very important it’s the only way people know you exist. It all begins with being a product of the product and showcasing your brand. There are some great promotional products available from market Australia gear that can help you showcase your brand.


Consumers love “freebies” so giveaways are perfect opportunities to entice new customers and to build your customer base. However before deciding to do a giveaway be sure to check your states rules and regulations (eg. In NSW you cannot give away products by chance it has to be a competition) and make sure you have the reach. Doing a giveaway doesn’t mean people will flock to it, so be sure you have a good marketing plan in place to get more reach.

Offer Discounts

People love a bargain so take advantage of specific times of the year (e. Boxing Day, EOFY, Australia Day etc.) and offer your own special discount whether it be on your services or your product.

Mail Drop

Yes we understand this is so old school but don’t underestimate this old dog. Mail drop is still a great way to market your business.

Mobile Advertising

Have you ever been in traffic and find yourself reading someone’s bumper sticker? Why not use your car as advertising space for your business? You could have a sticker created that advertises your business – don’t forget to add your website and contact information.

Make comments

Whether it be on someone’s blog or their social media account don’t underestimate the power of a comment. Sometimes you can make a worthwhile comment that will lead people back to you and your business. However again it’s all about social etiquette lets go with “dimming someone else’s light does not make yours shine any brighter” – Get what I’m saying? Play nice!


Consumers will use forums to find answers. It can benefit your business to contribute to some forums with helpful and useful information. Don’t forget to make the most out of your forum comment by adding a link to your website leading customer back to you.

Reward your loyal customers

Do you have loyal customers whom you get repeat business? Why don’t you reward them? You could create something like Gloria Jeans once you purchase 10 coffees’ you get one free. Obviously you don’t sell coffee but you could come up with your own kind of rewards program.

Have Fantastic Customer Service

THIS IS A MUST! Ever heard the saying one upset customer is now 15 upset customers? Well now with social media it’s like one upset customer is now 3000 upset customers. It takes one angry customer to tell all their friends about their bad experience and before you know it, it’s spread like wildfire. But on the other hand if you have excellent customer service and your clients are happy you can reap the rewards for their word of mouth recommendations.

Networking Events

Nothing beats networking, get out there, spread the word and socialise. Be happy, confident, have your business cards available and have no expectations – just enjoy it.

Enter Awards

There are so many great small business awards you can entre that can really benefit your business credibility. Put your business forward and see where it leads you.

Leave a Message

Unless you’re available to answer your phone 24/ 7 make sure you have a good voice mail recording that is professional and really sells your business.

Market Stalls

Whilst this can sometimes be an expensive option it creates great exposure. Have a look in your area what type of market stall options they have available and determine whether this is a good option for you (eg. Wedding expos’, fitness expos, Sunday markets, shopping centre stalls, Easter shows etc.). Make sure you showcase your product, ensure you have an amazing visual display and don’t forget your marketing materials (pamphlets, business cards etc.).

Google Local

Gone are the days of the yellow pages, nowadays everyone uses google to locate a business. Be sure to list your business through google local it’s free!

Shout Outs

I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine! Give shout out’s to other local businesses and recommend them to your clients hopefully they will return the favour.

Get Recording

Video content is growing massively and if you want to ride the wave you’re going to have to jump on board. A great way to do this is by creating “how to video’s” or even some “personal insight video’s” give away sneak peeks of your expertise.

Be professional at all times

This goes right down to the basics – answer your phone professionally, answer your emails professionally, be professional on social media etc. It’s your company’s reputation on the line.

Host Monthly Webinars

We absolutely love a good webinar! They are a great way to interact with your clients. Just be sure to pre-plan these in advance, know what you’re going to address, advertise your webinar and always be professional.

Community Boards

These babies are everywhere – shopping centres, local libraries, hospitals etc. Not to mention the new community boards on social like “buy swap and sell”. For either of these be sure to ask for permission before posting. These are budget friendly and easy.

Keep your customers engaged

Send deals, new updates, new product launches etc. to your current customers. Always keep the communication open to encourage more business from your existing clients.

Prospect List

This always begins with friends and family they are your biggest supporters. If they aren’t interested that’s ok don’t completely give up on them maybe they can help you spread the word about your new business. Give them some of your business cards to share and make sure they are following your business social media accounts.

Be Bold

Instead of having meetings with your team behind closed doors why not set up meetings in public places where people can see you. You never know you may engage people’s interest.

Follow up Leads

Always follow up your leads, never leave anything to chance. All it takes is a simple phone call, don’t be pushy or harass them just let them know your still there.

Sell Yourself

It’s all up to you! You need to be confident, honest, professional, and reliable – this is your business.


If you have any great marketing tips please list them below, we would love to hear from you!


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