4 Easy Ways Pinterest Will Help Expand Your Business

Many times we become so overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms and what to do with them. For Pinterest, the formula is actually not as hard as people think. There are several ways Pinterest will help expand your business, but here are a few to help you get started.

  • Create trend shops from your unique SHOP.com to Pin
    • Pin them into your description
      • This will bring leads into your SHOP.com business
    • Makes people aware of the Shopping Annuity
    • Your trend shops can revolve around your interests
      • For example.
        • If you love to cook, you can create trend shops about new recipes you find, the partner stores where you’d purchase those item, then pin them on to your pinterest board with your unique trend shop link.
  • Keep your pins inspiring
    • Motivate others with your messaging
      • Incorporate quotes that you live by or discover daily
      • People gravitate toward positive folks and this will attract the right network you want to build you business with.  
      • Be a source of inspiration

  • Pin Products
    • Talk about the benefits of your favorite Market America products
    • Pin pictorials and testimonials
  • Repin from any Market America SHOP.com related platforms.
    • They’ve already created super awesome and shareable content for you to “repin”
    • Just like Loren says on stage, steal it, use it, repost it! It’s there for you to use.




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