4 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Free Time

Your kids are back in school and you have a little bit more time on your hands. It’s time to get back on your feet! We have 4 solutions for making the most out of your day and your week without the little ones around.

A lot of parents volunteer at their children’s school through PTA, Community Council, writing the newsletter, and other tasks. You could also find other organizations in your area to work with, like a local animal shelter, the United Way, American Red Cross, or Food and Care Coalition.

Take a Class
While your kids are in school, you can get an education, too! Learn about interesting things to increase your topics of conversation. A lot of community colleges have Continuing Education classes that you could take a couple of hours a week.

Make New Friendships
Have lunch or a cup of coffee with other parents in the neighborhood. Getting to know your neighbors on a personal level can help you master your networking skills as well as create lifelong friendships. Besides, spending time with friends is a great way to unwind and have fun, too!

Pamper Yourself
Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and enjoy some pure fiction for an hour or two, or light up your favorite scented candle and take a hot bath. It’s OK, you’ll have plenty of time for housework while the kids are in school too. Right now it’s your time to relax.

Is there something you’re excited to do now that you have a little more time in your hands? Share with us on the comments below!

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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