4 Ways to Stay Focused and Efficient at Work

In order to keep your business running effectively, it is very important that you keep yourself and your employees focused and productive. Below, we share 4 secrets on how to stay focused and efficient at work, despite busy schedules and overflowing inboxes! 

Clear Your Mind
Exercising before starting the day at work can help you clear your mind, get the blood flowing and ultimately keep you more focused and productive. A good run could help you come up with solutions to problems or brainstorm new ideas. By the time you get to work, you’ll have a set of focused priorities and the energy to make them happen. If this isn’t an option for you, 15 minutes of pre-work mediation would do wonders too!

Make a Weekly Task List
Send an email to your team at the beginning of the week with the top five things everyone should focus on for the week. Most people tend to focus on all the things they should be working on, which can be overwhelming. Keeping it with no more than 5 items will help the entire team stay on track and give everyone the focus they need to be efficient.

Cut Back on Meetings
It’s important to be diligent about meetings by sticking to the time you allotted for it and only scheduling in-person meetings when it is necessary. If an email will do, there’s no need to make a call or schedule a meeting. If you must have a meeting, try to keep them interesting by holding them in an unusual location. This can help to keep your team engaged and more focused than usual.

Monitor Notifications
Keep track of how much time you are spending on various sites. Audio and visual notifications from Outlook, Facebook and Twitter can affect your concentration. To limit your time, you can use browser extension called StayFocusd that can alert you after you have reached your limit and then block the offending site to help you resist temptation.

There are many more ways to stay focused. Comment below to tell us how you keep yourself and your team focused and productive!

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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