Let’s Hear It for Market America’s Loyal Employees! #MA24Years

Market America truly is a company “Built on product, powered by people.” From the UnFranchise Owners to our corporate employees, everyone works together seamlessly to make this company the success it is. All of our employees are hardworking and tremendously dedicated to their job and the role they play in the lives and businesses of UnFranchise Owners. It speaks volumes when a company has numerous employees that have been around since the beginning of the business. In honor of Market America celebrating 24 successful years, we would be honored to spotlight a few employees that have been with the company for many, many years.

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Teresa Whitney Taylor: 21 years with Market America

Job Title: Senior Process Documentation Specialist (QA)

Favorite memory: Watching the company grow from the small building (trailer days) to the huge building that we are currently in. It has truly been an experience. I have watched the Management Team grow into the great team of leaders that they are.  I have developed some lifetime friendships that have turned out to be like family.  We have grown from the small potluck Christmas Parties to the Koury Convention Holiday Parties. I have also enjoyed watching Steve Ashley grow from a high school student to being a husband and father.  Proud of you Steve, thank you Marc for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this company.


Yvonne Lucado: 17 years with Market America

Job Title: Executive Assistant

How your job impacts the company and UFOs: I don’t know how I have directly impacted the UnFranchise Owners, but I can speak to how the UFOs have had an impact on my life as well as Market America. The UFOs in this company are a great inspiration! I am so happy and honored to be a part of many of their stories. There are so many that I have grown to know and love. A few lessons I have learned from the UFOs and have applied even in my personal life are: 1) Stay positive. 2) Never give up on yourself, your dreams and goals. 3) Anything is possible 4) Believe in yourself. Many thanks to all UFOs.  I have been a part of the evolution of Market America…where it was in 1999 and where it is today. My experience with Market America has been life changing. I have grown both personally and professionally. The best part of my job is that I have a second family here, a family away from my family. I am surrounded by and blessed with so many amazing, talented, caring, creative, supportive co-workers. We definitely are a team. And when I am called upon to help the UFOs, I am more than happy to do so. My motto has always been “do what it takes to get it done”.


Terri Cox: 12 years with Market America

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Thoughts on the company’s growth over the past 24 years: When I began working with MA in 2004, the company had approximately 300 corporate employees.  Now, in 2016, there are approximately 550 corporate employees and the number continues to grow.  I’ve seen two build-out “growth spurts” at headquarters, with one being the Warehouse expansion and the other, the MIS expansion.  It’s awesome to see a company “need more room” in order to supply the need of its growing market.  And to watch this company grow and expand into other parts of the world is fascinating.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Market America.


Renee Stevens: 19 years at Market America

Job Title: Receptionist

Why I love Market America: I have had the great privilege of watching the company grow from 59 employees in North Carolina to hundreds globally. The best part of my job at MA is being able to build friendships. Wonderful, lasting memories!


Donna Hill: 16 ½ years at Market America

Job Title: Sales Admin/Master UFO Program Coordinator

Why I love Market America: While the environment can be challenging at times, I truly believe that MA has the best group of employees any company is lucky enough to have. So many great people! MA is also very generous with benefits and do a lot of special things to make us feel appreciated. That’s why I’ve stuck around for so long!


Crystal Shelton: 15 years at Market America

Job Title: Senior Scientific Researcher

Best part of my job: Aside from working with some quite amazing people, the best part of my job is helping to develop scientifically-based Health & Nutrition products that are truly providing health benefits. I often hear customer feedback about how effective our products have been for them and this is very rewarding.


Missy Pack: 21 years, 7 months

Job Title: Product Information Manager

On the company’s growth over the past 24 years: When I started working here, we were in a trailer in the parking lot, as we had grown out of the room in the building. We were a small group of only around 40 employees total and we worked closely together – with all of us always chipping in to help each other. It was such a family atmosphere! Now, we have a much larger family and I am truly proud to be a part of it. With my job, I get the opportunity to help people and the pleasure of watching the quality of life improve in many from taking our products. If you choose to have a 45 year plan, Market America is the place to be!


Leslie Lawrence: 17 years at Market America

Title: Global Product Team Manager

Best part of my job: The Product Managers, never boring – every day is a new day to learn something new and exciting!


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Ashley Purnell

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