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Recently, we asked fans on social media to submit any questions they had about any of our health and nutrition products, ingredients, usage directions, etc. We then compiled the questions and handed them over to our team of doctors, researchers, and product experts to get the answers. This is a great tool for UnFranchise Owners to use in their business. Follow Isotonix on social media to see new questions answered weekly and use this as a quick reference guide for answering your customers’ questions. Read on to learn more about some of your favorite health and nutrition products.


I’m taking the essential kit that includes the multivitamin, opc3, b complex, and calcium every day. Every time I drink that, there are some white sediments settled at the bottom, just wondering what those sediments are and can they be harmful?

The white sediment is from Calcium Plus.  Calcium ingredients have limited solubility in water and, depending on the water’s temperature, pH and mineral content, the calcium may not completely dissolve.  We recommend swirling the solution, to suspend the particles, before drinking.  Once in the stomach, the calcium ingredients are solubilized for absorption.

What should be the ratio of calcium to magnesium? In other words how much should you take daily of each if over 50 years old?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for people in their 50s is 1200 mg calcium per day and 320-420 mg magnesium per day.  Your physician may recommend different daily intakes based upon your specific needs.

I have seen a capsule that was advertised as Isotonic. Can we expect this upgrade to our line of products?

Isotonix® is an isotonic-capable powder, meaning that when mixed with water at the right concentration, it matches your body’s fluids.  An isotonic capsule is perplexing because, by definition, isotonic refers to solutions.

What product helps correct varicose veins…spider veins on face also???

We do not have any specific product that claims to help with varicose veins or spider veins.  However, Pycnogenol pine bark extract has several studies, showing it supports normal vein tone and function.

Which supplement(s) can really help a migraine attack?

At this time, we do not have a product that claims to help with a migraine attack. However, you could speak with your treating physician regarding taking Magnesium or Coenzyme Q10.   There are also some interesting recent studies on probiotics reducing the frequency of migraine attacks.

Any suggestions of supplements for hypo-thyroid?

We do not have anything that will claim to help with hypo-thyroid. However, you could speak with your doctor about taking TLS ACTS, which supports normal thyroid function.

Does MA have a product or products that would help someone with occasional Acid Reflux?

We do not have any products that will claim to help with acid reflux. However, you could speak with your treating physician regarding taking Ultimate Aloe juice, as it soothes and helps protect mucosal membranes.

Can I mix CoQ10 with Digestive Enzymes, one serving of each?

Yes, these two products can be mixed together without affecting their potency or effectiveness.

Can I have the Heart Health Omega III if I’m allergic to shellfish and tropical fruit?

All major allergens such as shellfish will be listed on the labels of all products if the product contained the ingredient. The Omega III is derived from fish, such as anchovies and sardines.


Do you have a question about any of our health and nutrition brands or products? Share them with us in the comments below and you may see them in an upcoming post!

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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