5 Shopping Hacks to Help You Save Money in 2019

Saving money is at the top of everyone’s 2019 resolutions list. If it’s clear that the buying won’t slow down for your busy family, there are still ways to shop smarter! Use these 5 SHOP.COM approved shopping hacks to help save you and your family money in 2019.

  1. Download ShopBuddy

    Savvy shoppers will never miss a deal with ShopBuddy! ShopBuddy is a downloadable feature on SHOP.COM that is every active online shopper’s best friend. ShopBuddy finds all of the great deals from the stores that you frequently shop at and alerts you when a Cashback opportunity is available so you will never miss the opportunity to earn. ShopBuddy will also alert you whenever you land on a participating cash back merchant site. If you don’t already have ShopBuddy downloaded to your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser (or the now available ShopBuddy app for your mobile device or tablet!), download it today!

  2. Find the “Free”

    Free shopping is where it’s at! With so many partner stores offering free or reduced shopping when you hit certain purchasing thresholds—or the free option to pick up your purchases in store—we highly encourage you to take advantage of these offers! You will see a drastic change in your spending when you refuse to pay for shipping costs! There are other shopping incentives out there too such as gift cards awarded to those who spend a certain dollar amount. Keep your eye out for these offers!

  3. Shop After-Season Sales

    Take advantage of after season sales! If you can hold off on those seasonal purchases, you are going to save big. So, purchase your Christmas decorations in January, your summer patio set in October and your Halloween costumes and decorations in November! Take the opportunity to stock up on seasonal needs once the holiday or timeframe has passed. And look at it this way, you will be way ahead of the game for next year! Plus, you’ll have a little extra money in your pocket.

  4. Cashback
    SHOP.COM is the ultimate online shopping destination. We are the leader of online Cashback shopping.  SHOP.COM pays customers cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online for thousands of their favorite stores and millions of products. We have paid over 40 million in Cashback to our customers. With a Cashback incentive in mind – chose to shop from thousands of partner stores and watch the savings pile up. Then, turnaround and use your accrued Cashback on the items that you need for you and your family. The savings are endless!
  5. SHOP Local

    Enjoy more earning and less hassle with SHOP Local! You can earn up to 10% Cashback at thousands of Shop Local merchants in your area, just by linking a card through SHOP.COM! It’s free to sign up and you can link your debit or credit card. Then, shop at the local merchants and earn Cashback when you pay with the linked card!

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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