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Business Building: 5 Tips For Growing Your UnFranchise Business

As UnFranchise® Owners, we’re all looking for the secret to success. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill or elevator that can bring us to the top. It takes time to grow your UnFranchise Business, but that’s where all the fun lies. It’s hard to beat the feeling of satisfaction and gratification that occurs after accomplishing a goal with your UnFranchise.

Despite no magic pill, there are steps and tips that an entrepreneur can follow to aid UnFranchise growth. Below are five tips.

Determine Your Why And Goal Statement

This may be the most important step in the UnFranchise journey. Determining one’s “why” is crucial for UnFranchise and entrepreneurial growth. If your UnFranchise Business is a car, the “why” is the fuel that makes the car move. Why are you building an UnFranchise Business? From there, write down specific goals that you wish to achieve with Market America. Set target dates to accomplish each goal and cross off each date upon completion.

2 Calls Per Week

When it comes to building a business, time can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Between the time spent at work and with family, most people complain that they don’t have enough time in a day to accomplish what they need to get done. Our team understands that UFOs are in a constant battle with time, which is why we try to alleviate some of that stress. Every minute of every day does not need to be spent building the UnFranchise. In fact, at the bare minimum, UFOs need to make 2 calls per week to potential recruits. That’s it. 2 calls per week for 52 weeks. We encourage making more if you have time, but if you at least make two calls per week, according to JR Ridinger, the stats show that you’ll find at least 8 “Go Nows” who may want to join the business.

Sign Up For Zoom

video conferencing zoom

If there’s an MVP of 2020, it would be Zoom. We can’t stress enough the importance of Zoom and how it’s aided the growth of so many UnFranchise Businesses. Thanks to Zoom, UFOs can stay connected with teams and prospects from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom allows face-to-face interaction without meeting in person. This enhances your ability to build globally since you can communicate to UFOs in different Market countries. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Zoom.

Become A Product Of The Product

What do we mean when we say to “become a product of the product?” Becoming a product of the product means to fully immerse yourself into the world of Market America products. How can you sell products if you know nothing about them? If you’ve never tried the product, how can you give a personal testimonial to customers? From our experiences, personal testimonials and reviews of the product tend to be more effective with customers than reading product information online.

Download The UnFranchise Marketing App

If you have not downloaded the UnFranchise Marketing App, what are you waiting for? The app provides easy implementation of trial sized marketing and the ability to share product and business information. Users can introduce the business by sharing any asset from our vast library of digital media via email, text or any social media channel with just a tap of your finger.  The result producing activities have never been easier.

What is your favorite UnFranchise Business building tip? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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