5 Steps To A Yummy Chocolate Frangelico Martini

For National dessert day check out this perfect dessert cocktail, a Chocolate Frangelico Martini! As the holidays are quickly approaching, we are seeing more of our family and friends gathering and celebrating together all while building their Shopping Annuity. Whether you are hosting a UBP, coring, or having friends over for dinner, this martini is a perfect dessert that tastes like you’re taking a bite out of your favorite cake.


In a cocktail shaker, brewed Marley coffee, vodka, and Frangelico with ice. Shake to combine.
In a processor, blend walnuts and coconut until shredded

Dip 4 martini glasses into chocolate syrup to rim. Dip in walnut mixture to create the icing rim.
Swirl each martini glass with chocolate syrup.

Pour cocktail mixture into glass, garnish with 3 coffee beans, and enjoy!




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