5 Tips For Selling on Social Media

If you’re interested in why & how you can start your social media selling journey then this blog is for you. 

The Opportunity

Picture this. You have come across a need for something you don’t have. Something you desire. Let’s say it’s a watch, for example. You search online but among all the advertisements and noise online you are overwhelmed with your choices so you put this aside for now. Later, you are scrolling on Instagram and see your friend talking about his or her new watch and why they chose it. You’re engaged because you are on the market for a new watch. Now the choice is yours. Do you purchase the same watch after seeing your friend’s personal review? I’ll leave that question for you to answer. 

The point is you never know who is listening, who is watching, or what your audience may be needing at any point in time. If you share your authentic experience on social media, someone may desire your product or services one day. Showing up daily or weekly on social media does not have to be a burden, but instead an opportunity for you to connect with others and be there whenever they may need you. 

Here are 5 tips for selling on social media:

  1. Share your experience. Why do you love your products or service? What does it do for you and what does it do for others? 
  2. Show up. The world wants to see you, hear you, connect with you. 
  3. Engage. Social media is just that…it’s meant to be social. Focus on your authentic conversations with others may that be through engaging with their posts, networking with someone new each month, or simply replying to your comments. Each chance you get to make an impression, do so. Like Loren says, your network is your net worth. 
  4. Share content that provides value. May that be a healthy recipe, makeup tips, or a skincare fact, sometimes you need to give something without asking anything in return. In this case, that is giving value. 
  5. Be consistent. The only way you’ll get to your goals is by doing, continuing to do it, and doing it again. Set yourself up for success by outlining some ideas each month. For example, “every Tuesday I’ll jump on Instagram/Facebook Stories and share a tip”, “twice a month I will speak about what I do and my mission.”. Giving yourself a soft outline of the information you already know and love speaking about will only support you being consistent. 

Want to learn more?

I hope you found these tips helpful and I encourage you to take steps to incorporate social media into your selling strategies this year. The team has an upcoming Creators Summit featuring Motives Beauty Advisor, Cornelia Stevens who has taken TikTok by storm by sharing about Custom Blend. You’ll want to tune in to this special session. Tap here to register for this free event. 

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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