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5 tips to make your habits stick

We all start the new year with resolutions of starting new and productive habits. However, life happens and many of those commitments that we made to ourselves usually don’t stick for long.

Luckily, there are 5 tips to help ensure that we keep our promises to the UnFranchise business and that our habits stick!

IF you can’t get started or stay on trackIF you can’t get started or stay on track..

Remember why you’re doing this by going back to your goal statement when you first joined the UnFranchise business. Visualise your success! Was it because you wanted a supplemental income? A desired lifestyle for yourself and your family, or a comfortable retirement? Whatever it is, pinpointing why you want to make a change can help you stick with it – especially if you write it down on a piece of paper, then place it in your wallet/purse or use it as screensaver on your phone. That way, if you ‘re feeling demotivated, you’ll have it to remind you of why you started in the first place.

IF you’re overwhelmed by your goal …

Set smaller targets and celebrate the wins. While it’s always great to have goals to improve your financial situations, don’t focus too much on the biggest goal. Develop a detailed plan of action, that is, determine what you must do each year, each month, each week and each day to achieve your goal. Now focus what you can achieve each week. Is it to call up to 15 prospects from your Possibilities List to schedule two appointments a week, or invite two people to earn Cashback. If you have met your quota, go celebrate! Or plan a little treat for yourself, such as a 30-minute massage. Linking the rewards for your achievements back to your goals continues a positive spin toward a healthier you.

IF you’re self-conscious …

Find a UFO buddy or your upline to teach, manage and help achieve your goals. Bring the team and /or Senior(s) with you to help with the HBP and UBP. It’s also important to treat yourself to a new outfit that‘ll make you feel more comfortable. If you‘re pottering around in old attire, it’s no wonder why you’re a little self-conscious in public.

IF other obligations get in your way …

Have a plan B, C, D and E. With a little planning you‘ll find many ways to do your tasks. For example, you could listen to an audio file or write social media content while commuting on public transport. You could also call your prospects from your Possibilities List while going for a leisure walk, this is one of many fantastic time management tips to learn.

IF your willpower fades …

Use ‘skillpower’. Mental energy, aka willpower wears out each time you face a challenging situation. However, skillpower is the ability to solve problems and strategies when things get tough and your willpower fades. For example, as a little motivator, you could agree to catch up with friends at the end of an UBP presentation.

Remember, the UnFranchise business is built most effectively one day at a time, working consistently. Simply satisfy the daily tasks and activities in the detailed plan of action will assist you achieve your entrepreneurial success.

Prevention – October/November 2020

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Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir

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