5 Ways to Connect Social with Selling

Technology has transformed the way we buy, which in turn has changed the way we advertise as well. Outdated sales tactics may still be around, but things are moving fast and if you don’t have a sales process that includes social selling, then you’re missing out on money.

78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers, and the benefits of social selling only increase from there. When companies connect with their customer through social media outlets, it adds familiarity to each transaction, establishing a relationship.

Here are a few ways to connect social and selling in an effective manner:

  1. Identify who is talking about similar products and services, those that have a negative view of your competitors, or customers who already love your company. Target them and catch as many prospects as possible.
  2. Many people that visit your social media page are looking for something specific, such as special deals and coupons, contest and promotions, or tips and how-to information. If this information isn’t displayed, they won’t return.
  3. Catch the attention of your followers by using words like “limited time” and “own it first” will catch your viewer’s attention. Incentives for buying immediately will also convey this urgency.
  4. Reaching out and offering deals to only followers can grow your network and inspire loyalty.
  5. Encouraging your fans to retweet or share your content will make them more likely to do so. Contests are a great way to get people involved.

At Corporate, we are embarking on an aggressive new social commerce program that will include having shoppable Instagram accounts for SHOP.COM & MotivesCosmetics.com, using user generated content (UGC) on UnFranchise.com, SHOP.COM & MotivesCosmetics.com & facilitating lifestyle merchandising on our blogs by having images/photos that link through to product detail pages on our sites.  In short, we are making it easier for existing & potential new customers to purchase products on social sites & blogs as well as utilizing social posts on our sites to help customers through the buying journey on their path to purchase, resulting in more educated consumers & more conversions/revenue. Happy Shopping!  




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