5 Ways to Stay Healthy On the Go

So you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or be healthier. You forgot that your business takes you everywhere at all hours and lunch sometimes consist of a bag of chips and a sugary energy drink to pull you through that last appointment. Those bad habits stop here! This year, there’s no excuse not to reach ALL of your goals, so here’s five ways to change your habits to incorporate a healthy lifestyle on the go.

  • Prepare in advance! The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’re too busy to eat healthy. This is an excuse. You don’t need to cook every day to eat a home cooked meal every day. Your life may be non-stop as you hop from one appointment to the next, six days a week. However, you are bound to have an hour in the evening or a few on the weekend than you can dedicate to cooking. Make the time, it doesn’t take much! Stock up for the week at the grocery store, prepare your meals, and buy a lunch box! Cook your meals in bulk once or twice a week and pack your lunch box before you to go bed. Take responsibility and take control of your eating habits.
  • Splurge on nutrition. Snacks are pointless calories if they don’t fill you up. Buy snacks that are high in nutrients, like protein and fiber. Avoid heavy carbs late in the day and try to get your sugars from natural sources like fruit. Some good examples of healthy snacks include trail mix, veggies, fruit (dried or fresh), Greek yogurt, or protein bars. Snacks like chips, cookies, and pretzels may satiate you temporarily, but they’re filled with empty nutrients, leaving you hungry sooner. Eating the right foods throughout the day will give you the energy to avoid that “2:30 feeling.”
  • Listen to your good angel. So, let’s say you’re day gets unexpectedly busy and you have to jet through a drive-thru or stop at a convenient store in order to eat lunch. It happens, but beware! These are great opportunities to cut ourselves too much slack and fall off the healthy wagon. Before you give into the 1,500 calorie Jumbo Cheeseburger Meal or the pack of powdered doughnuts, asses your options. Are there natural snacks like nuts or trail mix available? Are there any fast food restaurants with healthy alternatives en route? Can you get a salad instead of a burger? Can you sub out fries for a healthier side? Better yet, do you even NEED a side? Train yourself to consider the options and sooner or later, it becomes second nature and you won’t even notice the greasy goodness!
  • Stay hydrated! Most of the time, hunger is created in our head and not our tummy. One of the healthiest ways to deter hunger and support a healthy metabolism is by staying hydrated. Keep a large water bottle with you at all times and drink water throughout the day. Also, the sugars and sodium in soft drinks trigger cravings and make you crash later, so substitute them for water as a healthy, revitalizing alternative.
  • Do bathroom cardio.  That sounds questionable, or at least really silly, but bear with us. Forgoing proper exercise is easy for the business owner that’s on the move from dawn until dusk. As trite as it may seem, every movement counts, especially the right type. When you make a stop or take a break, take a minute to get your heart rate going. Do 40 air squats and wall pushups. These are two simple exercises that engage multiple areas of your body, including your legs, core, and arms, and can be performed in privacy of a bathroom stall. Find other quick and easy exercises to add to your routine to boost your metabolism, exercise your joints, and stretch your muscles. It all adds up at the end of the day!

Hopefully these tips help you to stay accountable with yourself as you work toward a healthier you while growing your business! Do you have any daily routine tips that help you balance a healthy and busy lifestyle?

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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