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5 Ways to Use the Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette

Meet the newest tool added to our product lineup, the Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette. We’re sharing 5 ways to use this handy new tool.

Keep your hands free from unwanted stains

Not only does the Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette make it easy for you to create custom mixes, but it also allows you to keep the back of your hands from unwanted stains and allows you to keep a clean workspace. Whether you are a pro makeup artist or using it for personal application, this is the most hygienic way to apply makeup. 

Mix serums or SPF into your foundation

Looking for an extra glowy finish? Try mixing in your favorite serum like the Lumiere de Vie Renewal Elixir into a foundation like the Motives Liquid Powder Foundation to create a glowy concoction that leaves your skin even more radiant and dewy than ever before. 

Handcraft a new lipstick shade

This especially comes in handy when our pro makeup artists work with clients. The Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette allows you to easily remove a little of your favorite lipstick formula from its packaging allowing you to use your clean lip brush to apply onto the lips. Try mixing two of your favorite Liquid Lipstick shades or even Cream Lipstick shades to see what you get! 

Mix Up Eyeshadows 

Scrape a little pigment out of our eye shadow palettes or use your Custom Blend Kit to form a new eyeshadow shade on the back of your hand. You can even try mixing this with our new Sublime Luminizing  Jelly for a glossy finish. 

Shade Match Clients

The Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette allows you to easily apply a little of each foundation shade so you can shade match your clients more efficiently. Need to blend two shades together to get the perfect match for them? Do so with the Hand-Held Mixing Palette


How will you use yours? Share your mixes on social media and use the hashtag #MotivesNation for a chance to be featured! Preorder your Hand-Held Mixing Palette today and be one of the first to get your hands on it when it launches.


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Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

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