Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Brittany Witcher

This week’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Motives® Beauty Advisor feature is dedicated to Brittany Witcher! Brittany is a valuable Motives® Partner! Read on for a glimpse into her makeup artistry, passion for cosmetics, and how she achieves being the ultimate Makeup-Maven!


1. How were you introduced to Motives?

I was introduced to Motives through my fiancé, Nick Friday. That was about three years ago, and at the time, Nick was trying to share Motives with my younger sister, Rachael, because she has extensive knowledge in hair and makeup. She had just graduated from cosmetology school. Long story short, Rachael, referred Nick to my dad who had set up a “meeting” for him to talk to me about music and makeup since I was a piano teacher and was also a distributor with another Direct Sales company. We never actually got to the music and makeup conversation and instead decided that we’d rather date.

(Which, btw, completely turned off my sister and to this day she won’t try Motives. Lol.)

Anyway, Nick did not want me involved in the business at all. So for a full period of 3 months I had no idea what he did. He instead would tell me that he made money on the internet and that was it. So when I heard he was speaking at a local venue, I demanded I see him speak to learn more about what he does. At the meeting, I got to meet with amazing people like Don and Lisa Martin and Maleeva Epperson whose makeup looked flawless and of much better quality than the makeup I was wearing. I was struck by how natural it looked and that was a look I had a hard time achieving with the makeup I currently had.

I kept following Nick around to his “secret” meetings to understand what he did since he really insisted that we not mix business with personal life. I attended one of Luis Perez and Carlos Leon’s first Motives launches at their salon in Allentown, PA. There Maleeva Epperson was demonstrating the 10 best selling products from Motives. She let us test the luxe precision liner on her hand and I was immediately hooked. I immediately mapped out ways in my head to find an exit strategy from my other network marketing company because I KNEW that the quality vs price ratio of these products were much better than I had ever seen before.


2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

The business plan made me DEMAND to partner. Nick never showed me the business plan personally in full. I mentioned before that he did not want me involved in the business in the first place other than to convert my spending to him of course. But for 9 months of dating, I was secretly doing research. I found and studied the website like I was taking a test. I didn’t quite get but I did understand the 20 min video. I looked at the annual reports and broke down exactly why I COULDN’T succeed.

The reason why I was so analytical of this business was because before I met Nick, I was already looking for another way.  You see, in the Direct Sales company I had just recently dropped,  it was one of those situations where I liked their products but I joined quickly only because they made it so easy to buy it wholesale. I realized however that my full time income was not going to cover most of my bills, so I wanted to make extra money somewhere and at the time, that was the only option that was presented to me. When I finally broke down the math however, I realized that in order to replace my income, I would need to have developed 30 TEAMS of distributors and manage them at one time! That’s 30 women that may or not be as driven as me and my income relied on their productivity. And that’s to make only $30K a year! Lol.

But when I broke down the math of this company, I realized that 1.) I could move at my own pace and still make significant money if I wanted to because I kept 100% of the profit, 2.) I only develop 2 TEAMS of distributors, which meant that if someone’s slacking off it’s much easier to manage them because everyone is vested in each other’s success, and 3.) I could replace my income in half the amount of work. So it definitely worked out on paper.

The only thing that I realized could make me fail at this business was no activity on my part and quitting. So I vowed to never quit at this business and it’s been the best choice I ever made.


3. How have you leveraged GMTSS events to build your belief/ propel your success?

The trainings… So I had no idea I was actually following the system when I was secretly following Nick around to his meetings. As part of my “research”, I demanded that I attend the Northeast Regional Convention with him to support him and to finally have a “vacation” with him. Funny story, I was actually able to explain the entire business plan by accident to one of his prospects that came down to the training to learn more. I was like, “It’s a cool business. He gets paid on the volume and not the dollar amount of what he sells!”  And then she called me out right then, “You know so much about this business. You should just join.”

Three things struck me at that event:

1.) The industries I could partner with were so vast and wide. I realized I could literally play around in several industries and if I failed, “No big deal”, just dust yourself off and try another industry,

2.) “Buy a ticket. You will be success.” I didn’t get it, but everyone that was making money across the stage was saying the same thing. They were mostly Asian and they just kept pitching tickets to the next major event. Their teams were HUGE and all they said was that the trainings will teach you.

3.) Jim Winkler’s emotional conviction that the business was the best decision of his life. I mean, it’s Jim Winkler. But also, he was able to touch me in a very special way: build this before you need it. He gave me Cheyn Crangle’s story about how he quit and then rejoined and was still successful with the business. And that showed me that yes, anyone can do it.


Now looking back 3 years later, I want to clue you in on a few things. First, I personally have serious doubts in myself. Most days, I was so afraid to even speak up in front of people and explain why they should take a look at this business. I’m a true introvert and had a lot of public speaking fears before I started.   I was also seriously afraid of rejection and being told no. I know they would tell you that it’s not you it’s just them saying no to the opportunity, but it would always hurt nonetheless. So I was a very slow builder, because I just couldn’t believe that I could do it. I saw that the system worked perfectly, but I didn’t think that I was good enough. I would show the plan or offer webcenters or other things and get no’s left and right. I did start to build a team but they would not commit to attending the trainings because of one excuse or another.

At one point, I even made enough volume to make my first commissions check, but my first check was forfeited because my team fell apart the week I was supposed to receive it. But I remember making a promise to myself when I first started: “Never quit. It works if you work it correctly.” And I realized I had to reach deep inside myself to get past my selfdoubt and fears.

The reason why I continued showing the plan and receiving those no’s and why I continued wearing Motives was because I never missed a corporate training since I began my business. I have been to every event and plug into the system. And at each event, learn how to become a little bit more of a leader and my confidence in myself is rebuilt.

In the end of the day, you can fail at this business. But unlike other businesses where once you’ve failed, you need to wrap up shop and file for bankruptcy, I realized that I can easily just pick myself up, dust myself off and I haven’t wasted a single dollar or moment. Just try again in the morning and put on my lipstick.


4. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?

The best way to expand your Motives team hands down is to focus on building up relationships in your community.  Whether that community is in your town or online, it doesn’t matter. Every single moment of every day, I am representing the brand whether I feel like it or not. So throwing on your makeup look or barefaced look is important.  But even more than that, I have learned that people care about how you make them feel. So my approach to my business is, “Hi, I’m Brittany, your friendly professional friend maker and I think your awesome! How can I help you?”

I keep the focus of my business on each relationship I make and foster and nurture my relationships. It’s kind of the slow approach but it’s so important, because at this point now, everyone in my local community (which is my local mall and church because I’m always at those places) knows I wear Motives and they are always watching what I do. And now, because I’ve fostered each relationship, I get texts automatically from people asking for products, advice, tips and tricks. It all happened organically and that’s because I focused on making them feel really good about themselves and feel comfortable enough to share with me what they are going through.

I’ve started to repeat this approach online as well. So on Facebook, I’ve made it a habit to reach out to 5-6 people a day on my friend’s list and ask them how they’re doing. I then also have just recently committed to connecting with my friends with a live video a few times a week if not once a day. This way, I can expand my reach beyond just my local neighborhood but still employ the same techniques as if I was just the girl from around the corner that can be everyone’s friend.


5. Is there anything that you’d recommend others to do / leverage as a beauty entrepreneur on order to maximize success?

Abosolutely. They have to leverage the tools we offer them and STAY CONSISTENT. DO NOT STOP!!! My most successful months were when I was following MeetON or the Motives Foundatiosn Series to the T. And now we have the Motives Welcome Guide that’s practically fool proof. Seriously. It works guys. It seriously does. You just cannot stop. My biggest hinderance was that I would be successful for a second and then stop. Pace yourself out, plan your events ahead of time, stay super friendly and invite them to your events and trainings. DON’T STOP!


6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?

For me, one long term goal is to work towards becoming a Motives Certified trainer.  My natural gift is teaching. The jobs where I’ve been most successful and have the most confidence have been teaching jobs. I recently attended one of Lisa Martin’s Motives Overview and Custom Blend trainings. Throughout the whole event, I was touched by how she was clearly able to build up any woman’s confidence and show them how they could reasonably change their lives if they employed a few things from Motives into their current business. She magically converted one of my partners from a person who did not want anything to do with Motives (other than to buy it wholesale) into seriously considering making Custom Blending and makeovers with Motives her full time career. That’s powerful. And I just want to share in that magic.

My other goal, to be quite honest, is to completely replace my income with Motives and Market America money. I want to do this so that Nick and I can pay completely for our wedding, and then I want to go on a “honeymoon” for a year. Haha! It’s actually just me traveling from place to place, but I want to blog about it and gain a lot of followers from my adventures.

But really, I don’t regret a single moment I’ve been a part of this company. Without this company, I wouldn’t have found the love of my life, found the makeup that actually matches my skin tone and really does heal it, and found the company that showed me how to dream again.


See Brittany shine by achieving her goals with Motives® Cosmetics on social media at the following accounts:


Personal Instagram: @brittawitcher

Business Instagram: @clearbeautybybrittany

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