TLS Top 21 Sales Contest Update!

We’re nearing the end of our first month of the 2018 TLS Top 21 Sales Contest! We can’t believe the success everyone is having!  With 1 in 3 people being overweight or obese, helping someone with the TLS Weight Management Solution program and products is a great way for any UnFranchise Owner to build a customer base and grow their business, but it’s clear that these understand that so many are searching for a better way to achieve their weight management goals! Find out more about the contest and see our updated list of contestants below!

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How to Participate:

The Global TLS Top 21 Sales Contest will run until June 30, 2018, and the point system is quite easy:

  • Each UFO will receive one point for each US$1.00 in UFO or Preferred Customer sales of TLS products.
  • Each UFO will receive 500 points for every new qualified partner they personally sponsor who is majoring in TLS and who has either purchased a TLS Fast Start Kit or who registered with at least 200 BV of TLS products in their start-up order.

Winners of the TLS Top 21 Sales Contest can choose to receive* a business-building seminar, lunch and an evening aboard the Utopia III with appetizers, cocktails, music, and fun. It’s not too late to make yourself a contender for our current challenge simply by listening to your friends, family, co-workers, and customers as they discuss their weight management goals!


Current Contestants:

Congratulations to the top 50 TLS sales leaders for February!


Name Country
Jessica and Joseph Viscome USA
Lanie and Van Nguyen USA
Lee and Carin Roberts USA
劉意立 TWN
區建威 TWN
吳仁智&吳婉如 TWN
吳千惠&王儀旭 TWN
周子騰 TWN
嚴若菩 TWN
康庭企業社 TWN
張宏昌 TWN
張月姚 TWN
張毓琪 TWN
惠宏企業社 TWN
曹玉芬 TWN
曾素鳳 TWN
李長興 TWN
李靜宜&王俊凱 TWN
杜華善 TWN
林俊杰 TWN
林思羽 TWN
江柏南&馮麗群 TWN
沈明珠 TWN
洪培倫&簡沛淳 TWN
涂雅雯 TWN
潘依瑩 TWN
王品洋 TWN
王玟喻 TWN
王耀廷 TWN
程炎森&張明秀 TWN
簡語鋌 TWN
維巾有限公司 TWN
羅紹齊 TWN
翁宗標&蘇惠琴 TWN
翁郁媚 TWN
董威麟&劉彥秀 TWN
蔡桂鴻 TWN
許哲真 TWN
許珍瑜&鄭憲鴻 TWN
辰宣企業社 TWN
郭喬恩 TWN
鄧玉婷 TWN
鄭卿貝 TWN
鄭國賢 TWN
鄭幸芬 TWN
鄭毓萱 & 李長興 TWN
鍾雪琴 TWN
陳佳珮 TWN
陳家豪 TWN
陳怡慈 TWN
馮于真 TWN
黃以涵&涂朝陽 TWN
黃妤蓁 TWN


Keep up the amazing work!




*Winners of the TLS Top 21 Sales Contest may instead elect to receive two tickets to any upcoming Market America event, excluding Moving Up Seminars, in lieu of the seminar aboard Utopia III. Click here for the official contest rules.

Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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