See How Much You Spend — and Can Save

New Shopping Annuity® Assessment at-a-glance feature!

There are two types of expenses: time and money. Statistical analysis verifies, validates and substantiates how much money the average household spends on shopping that could fund the Shopping Annuity by converting spending into earning. Money saved is money earned, and just changing how you shop can result in immediate savings.

Check out the savings and spending meters

The new savings and spending meters on your Shopping Annuity Assessment are exciting enhancements that provide clear, visual graphs of your current and projected benefits received from participating in the Shopping Annuity program. The meters are displayed at the top of your completed assessment so you can easily keep track of your actual spending, estimated savings and the ratio of BV and IBV earned by Shopping Annuity Members and Master Members in your organization. Click on each meter for a description of the numbers displayed. New columns have also been added to the monthly “Regular Spending” and the “Annual Spending” exercises to display actual spending and estimated savings.

We hope you use and enjoy these helpful tools available to you as an UnFranchise® Owner. Be sure to take the Shopping Annuity Assessment — available at > My Account > Shopping Annuity Assessment — and keep it updated to determine your earnings and savings potential!


Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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