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We realize it is important to share some further insight with our WebCenter Owners. The most important thing to know is that we work hard to keep costs down for both WebCenter Owners and clients. However, we must also accept that the cost of doing business continues to increase. In our case, to provide the best services and support, it takes great people. Having highly talented developers, designers, product specialists and customer care support available in multiple languages 24/7 requires human and financial resources. In over 5 years, costs have grown exponentially (the cost of internet services, software upgrades, security and privacy) but we’ve only had one increase. For internet companies, security and privacy are continuously at risk, yet our clients haven’t had to worry about multiple issues, threats, security breaches, down time, etc. that may be experienced with other providers.

Rather than decreasing the quality of our staff, platform and performance, there will be a minor increase on a few of our product options. With our all-inclusive marketing solution, we offer a lot more value than other options in the marketplace. We offer a simplified digital marketing strategy for our clients, and not just a website, with the most relevant up-to-date information, tools and resources to improve their digital marketing and online presence.

These days, a client can get a website and host it for much less at a variety of vendors, but it would cost them hundreds, if not thousands in additional tools and resources to have an effective online marketing strategy. We provide many of these tools and resources at no additional cost or at a minimal expense. With the minor increase, we will continue to promote and offer true value to our clients to not only remain competitive but superior.

We recommend that every WebCenter Owner connect with their clients and ensure they are utilizing the valuable services included in their support fee. The email marketing tool, QR Code generators and many widgets are powerful new additions.

Yes, we offer Digital Marketing Products and Services for a monthly fee, but with our standard monthly option clients can call in for support on all of the tools available to improve their businesses. WebCenter Owners should encourage their clients to speak with support on how to use some of the tools available to help them increase revenue, such as SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing tools. As always, if a client doesn’t want all the bells and whistles, they can downgrade to a lower tier of service.

We offer an extremely competitive program and platform. 2023 is going to have some great releases, and we are excited about the added benefits that we are able to offer our existing clients. Access to important information and tools to manage their digital marketing are here at maWebCenters. We offer so much more than just websites and hosting.

Please see the information below regarding the pricing that will be made available soon in the WebCenter Price List located in Support Materials.  Prices will be effective Feb. 1, 2023.  There may be tension when some clients see a price increase to their monthly fee. We want to remind them that their monthly cost is a Monthly Management and Support fee and not “hosting.” While hosting is included, the costs associated are related to the level of support and platform tools they have access to. We will continue to enhance our platform, increase technology and offer more to our clients throughout 2023. We are excited for the future with maWebCenters! Please contact us at mawebcenters@marketamerica.com with any questions.


WebCenter (UFO) monthly hosting & support fee: $50.00 USD
Website client Monthly Basic Support & Hosting fee: $29.00 USD (10 BV)
Website client Monthly Standard Support & Hosting fee: $92.00 USD (30 BV)
Website client Monthly Managed Support & Hosting fee: $179.00 (40 BV)

United Kingdom
WebCenter (UFO) monthly hosting & support fee: £40.00
Client Website Basic Hosting & Support fee: £24.00 (10 BV)
Client Website Standard Hosting & Support fee: £74.00 (30BV)
Client Website Managed Hosting & Support fee: £144.00 (40 BV)

WebCenter (UFO) monthly hosting & support fee: AU$72.50
Client Website Basic Hosting & Support fee: AU$41.25 (10 BV)
Client Website Standard Hosting & Support fee: AU$133.75 (30BV)
Client Website Managed Hosting & Support fee: AU$259.75 (40 BV)

Hong Kong
WebCenter (UFO) monthly hosting & support fee: HK$390.00
Client Website Basic Hosting & Support fee: HK$226.20 (10 BV)
Client Website Standard Hosting & Support fee: HK$717.60 (30BV)
Client Website Managed Hosting & Support fee: HK$1,369.20 (40 BV)
*New products will be made available alongside Taiwan in the coming month

WebCenter (UFO) monthly hosting & support fee: S$67.00
Client Website Basic Hosting & Support fee: S$39.00 (10 BV)
Client Website Standard Hosting & Support fee: $124.00 (30BV)
Client Website Managed Hosting & Support fee: S$240.00 (40 BV)

There is currently no price adjustment in Malaysia.  However, stay tuned to new products being made available soon!

Price adjustments for Taiwan will take place in early to mid-March and will be announced shortly. New products will be made available at this time as well.

ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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