A Gentle Reminder to Keep Going After Your Goals

Sometimes people unknowingly put off pursuing their goals and dreams that can be achieved by building a successful UnFranchise Business, telling themselves they have plenty of time to do so later. But the truth is that time has a way of slipping away from you, and before you know it, years have passed, and you still haven’t taken many meaningful steps toward achieving what you truly want in life.

Here are just a few reminders as to why it’s so important to keep going after our goals today.

  1. Life is short. None of us knows how much time we have on this Earth, and it’s a cruel irony that we often only realize the preciousness of time when it’s too late. So don’t wait until it’s too late to start living the life you truly want. Start going after your goals today, no matter how big or small they may seem.
  2. You’ll never feel fully ready. It’s natural to feel a little bit nervous or uncertain when embarking on a new goal or dream. But the truth is that you’ll never feel fully ready. There will always be some unknowns, risks and doubts. But that doesn’t mean you should let those fears hold you back. Take the leap and start going after your goals today, even if you don’t feel completely ready. You’ll gain confidence and momentum as you go.
  3. Procrastination is a thief of time. Procrastination is also the enemy of progress, and it can be tempting to put off making that phone call or scheduling the next event for our business until “someday.” But that day may never come. Each day that passes is a day that we could have been taking small steps toward our goals, building momentum and making progress. Don’t let procrastination steal any more of your time. Start going after your goals today.
  4. Success takes time. Often, achieving your goals requires time, effort and persistence. The earlier you start taking action, the more time you’ll have to make progress and see the fruits of your labour. So, don’t wait until it’s too late to start doing the work. The sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the rewards.

Fortunately, we have a dynamic business that allows you to take control by following the building principles. As you grow through the stages, you will come to realize that life indeed is fleeting and your experiences along with it. But by starting to go after your goals today, you are enabling others to realize their dreams as well, all the while. Make the most of every moment, and you could be living the life you have always wanted in no time.

By Andrew Chee, Director of Field Development for Canada

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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