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A Huge Success: Asia-Pacific Online Convention

The first ever Asia-Pacific Online Convention united UnFranchise® Owners all across the region and stimulated business growth.

Powerful messages and love sent from Founder, Chairman & CEO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM JR Ridinger and Co-Founder & Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide |SHOP.COM Loren Ridinger, revolutionary products and technology enhancements, insightful business-building tips and moving testimonials delivered by passionate UnFranchise Owners from all over the Asia-Pacific region — that’s just a few key highlights from the 2021 Asia-Pacific Online Convention.

Day one kicked off with a powerful presentation conducted by Executive Vice President Dennis Franks (aka Mr Energy). He shared the importance of building Base 10, and explained the reasons as to what, how and why setting up Base 10 is fundamental to the success of an UnFranchise Business. “Do not procrastinate… take action!

Champions never use excuses. They either win or they learn but never lose,” Dennis said. He gave three additional phenomenal product presentations throughout the breakout sessions. Each presentation was even better than the one before.

Trial-sized marketing is an excellent strategy to use when recruiting customers. Field Vice President Phil Guido explained step-by-step tactics of how to use trial-sized marketing and the UnFranchise Marketing App to engage with your prospects — and ultimately land a sale. Phil said, “Endorse with your personal testimonial and tell your story. And NOs are good! It means that you’re doing it consistently. Consistency is king, one step closer to a YES!”

Executive Coordinator Ken Fong shared how he came to know the UnFranchise Business, his challenges along the way to success, and how the journey changed his life. He revealed that his secret behind his success is the duplication process.

Vice President of Product Development & Clinical Education Dr Deedra Mason is known in professional circles for her passionate lectures, commitment to quality patient care and the advancement of professional education, both within and outside her field. Dr Mason shared with us the science behind Isotonix® and why it has an efficient nutrient-absorbing delivery system — followed by another informative presentation about taking essential vitamins to maintain one’s health and wellness. “Show sincerity towards your customers; product sales are built on relationships. You do not need to be an expert,” said Dr Mason.

Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific Kevin Buckman, one of the most insightful and driven entrepreneurs in the business, delivered his “What Does Your ‘Why’ Look Like?” presentation. Kevin’s remarks revolved around your goal statement and factors and actions that contribute to your goals.

Day two started with Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler’s presentation, “Achieving Seven Strong & Accountability.” He taught that building a team of Seven Strong and nurturing a culture of team accountability leads to positive performance results.

The GMTSS allows UnFranchise Owners to build their business nearly anywhere in the world by using the company’s extensive network of events. Director of GMTSS Cullen Haskins used a three-legged stool as a metaphor to explain the important role the GMTSS has in building the UnFranchise Business.

Senior Master Coordinators Chelsea and Huei Eow shared their success story. Along their journey, the UnFranchise Business has built a great foundation for their supplemental income, as they have learned how to have good health, built great friendships and became better versions of themselves. The secret of their success is the process of duplication to build Base 10.

President & COO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Marc Ashley delivered several new and exciting announcements — from new products and game-changing features to the UnFranchise Marketing App and SHOP LIVE event! Marc passionately delivered this statement, “Unleash your potential, unleash your passion, unleash your determination and success will be unleashed to you! Make this year yours! Make this your time!”

The last day of convention started with an epic inspirational message from JR and Loren Ridinger. Loren spoke about the importance of being you and not letting people push you around. Set goals for yourself; monitor your outputs and inputs. Invest in networking while establishing strong relationships. Spend time with leaders and eliminate negative people from your life. These are great tips for building a successful UnFranchise Business.

Current global events caught us by surprise, as people struggled for solutions. The UnFranchise Business has a robust mechanism that adapts with unexpected economic shifts; we now are the solution providers. The UnFranchise Business model enables us to turn the situation around and continue striving. As JR stated, “We have the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” All it takes is to grab the opportunity provided to build a successful UnFranchise® Business. “Everyone likes a rainbow, but no one likes the rain,” Loren reminded everyone.

Senior Master Coordinators Daniel Kong and Jacqueline Foong shared their incredible UnFranchise Business journey. Factors such as team culture, integrity, appreciation, learning to let go and having fun contributed to the recipe of their success! And of course, duplication is key.

International Field Chairman Elizabeth Weber-Walliser energised the online audience with her topic of imprinting and duplication. Bringing in her dream team, Deb, Grace and Pam, they shared strategies, such as part 1, part 2 and trial run, to land sales and get recruits.

Using his story-telling techniques to engage with the audience, Director of Field Development Andrew Chee explained reasons as to why there is a need to attract the younger generation, “Millennials,” and strategies to attract them. Next, the crowd was wowed by the Motives® runway show, which is always a hit!

Recognition is important to Market America. The company respects, acknowledges and congratulates UnFranchise Owners for their achievements, as shown in several recognition segments throughout the three days. Congratulations to Kitty Cheng, Pearly Koh and Evita Cheng for winning the Business-Building Challenges.

During the nightly breakout sessions, presenters introduced new products, including Motives Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette, Motives Arch Definer Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil*, Lumière de Vie® Needle Free Serum Trial-Sized Marketing Packs, Lumière de Vie Overnight Renewal Masque (Astaxanthin Sleeping Masque), Lumière de Vie Super Soother (Niacinamide/Vitamin B3 Serum), Lumière de Vie Skincare Brush Collection, Lumière de Vie Eye Revive Gels, Lumière de Vie Lumi-Stick* and TLS® Thermochrome V6.

Using jigsaw puzzles as a metaphor, Kevin Buckman wrapped up the phenomenal convention by talking about JR’s vision and mission. Have an end game, finish strong, be committed and follow through. What’s your dash?

Don’t forget to secure your tickets to 2021 Market Australia Convention!

*Coming soon

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Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir