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A More Effective Online Presence With the New

Guest Blog: Sarah Rose Stack, Director of Business Integration


Welcome to Our New Digital Home

In a digital age where the only borders are the limits of one’s imagination, the company is experiencing explosive growth. With 10 Market Countries, several emerging markets and doing business in over 190 countries, Market America needed a corporate website that better reflects our global presence. The new, globally united expected to launch this month will be available in nine languages. The site has been totally reimagined to bring the best content and experience for your prospects. Highlights include:


A window into the entire business, the home page visually takes you through top-level information about our company, the next main event, the Shopping Annuity® and our global presence, along with fundamental principles of our business. At the bottom, your prospect can ask to be emailed more information; their request will be copied to you so you know to follow up with them.


You will learn how the company has been a world leader in One-to-One Marketing and started an economic revolution with the Shopping Annuity. This page will also establish our leadership in mobile and tech development by highlighting all of the technology we have created for business-building and for a seamless shopping experience.


As product brokers, we keep up with and anticipate consumer demands, offering UnFranchise® Owners and customers the best products and stores for converting spending into earning. You’ll learn about our approach to product brokerage, the billion- and trillion-dollar markets our exclusive brands serve our quality assurance, and our Partner Store program.


Before you can get someone interested in seeing the Plan, you first need to strike a chord with their personal goals. The new Opportunity page begins with asking the question “Why you?” and lays out important statistics so your prospect will begin to think about what they truly want and what their options are to get it. The page shines a light on the strengths of the UnFranchise Business and how it can help the prospect achieve success.


When evaluating a business opportunity, prospects want to take a deeper look into the company and its management team. This shares our mission and fundamental business principles and introduces them to our Corporate Team.

A Better UnFranchise Prospecting App

In industries where creating possibilities, building relationships and tracking progress is important, professionals leverage a “Customer Relationship Management System” to stay organized. The UnFranchise Prospecting App provides UnFranchise Owners with a free tool to organize their prospects; easily share important documents, videos, and presentations; and keep notes on each prospect. We have recently released a major update to the app for a more streamlined user interface, and included a new “Activity Feed” so you can get real-time feedback from the prospects when sending them information.“Business Opportunity,” “University Majors & Specialties,” “Product Catalogs” and “Follow Up” categories neatly organize new presentations, videos, and documents to share with your prospects. Just log in, click on “Media” and then choose the drop-down at the top right to search by category. It has never been so easy to engage, interact with and convert a new prospect, all from your mobile device!

Download or log into the app and start taking advantage of it today!



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Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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