A New Experience: Technology Behind MAWC

We are incredibly excited for the 2021 Online Market America World Conference for many reasons! During each event, we unveil many new products, enhancements to the Shopping Annuity, new partner stores, and more. This time, we’re even more excited to unveil an exciting new technology that will take this event to the next level! Continue reading to learn about the exciting new technology that will make MAWC 2021 a user experience like never before.

We’ve partnered with a company named Swapcard, which runs a cutting-edge online event platform that delivers an absolutely incredible experience and makes it easier than ever to learn, grow, network, and build. This amazing platform provides a state-of-the-art online event hub where you’ll be able to:

  • Network & Learn with Your Team – this software is the next best thing to a live event and makes it easy for you to meet with your teams and discuss what you’re learning on stage. It’s the perfect symbiosis of Teambuilding and technology!
  • Interact with Speakers and Fellow Attendees – this system has some great features to help you connect with your fellow UFOs, ask questions, and become more involved in the event. You can even interact with presenters!
  • Engage with Virtual Product Booths – you’re going to absolutely love the interactive booth experience at MAWC2021. Learning about our latest products has never been easier!
  • Virtual Event Help Desk – this platform has an excellent help desk feature that is there to answer your questions and help ensure your event experience is positive and productive.

This software ultimately helps us build a better UFO experience before, during, and after World Conference. It streamlines the entire process and helps you stay organized & informed – so you get the full experience and maximize the positive impact. This platform is an incredible tool that provides an all-encompassing solution for Pre-Event, During the Event, Post-Event Video Replays, and even Help Desk needs.

In a recent Zoom webinar, Vice President of Business Integrations, Chris Peddycord unveiled the new program and gave a sneak peek. Take a look:

Remember, only ticket holders will have access to this incredible tool throughout the event as well as the 14-day replays of all sessions. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to secure your ticket to the 2021 Online Market America World Conference! Get your ticket HERE.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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