A Thanksgiving Message of Gratitude and Hope

Thanksgiving Loren and JR

Dear Market America Family,

As we gather around our tables with family and friends, my heart is filled with gratitude for each of you. This past year has been a true test of our strength and determination, and I’m continually inspired by your unwavering commitment to Market America Worldwide and the UnFranchise Business.

This Thanksgiving will be the second one without my beloved husband and your endeared leader, JR Ridinger. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not only be thankful for your loved ones but to tell them and show them how much they mean to you every day.

But Thanksgiving is not just about appreciating the presence of those we care about; it’s also a time to reflect on our own journeys. Take a moment to consider what steps you’ve taken to grow personally and achieve your dreams. Life is fleeting, and it’s never too late to pivot and strive for something more if your current reality doesn’t align with your aspirations.

Each day, I think about our Market America family and how you have continued to overcome challenges and take the UnFranchise Business to new heights. We’ve all come so far in continuing JR’s legacy and have even greater milestones in our sights as we prepare for the year ahead.

Thanksgiving family

As we approach 2024, let’s be thankful for our progress this year. Despite the challenges, we’ve persevered, just as JR would have wanted us to. We owe it to ourselves and his memory to continue growing and fighting for our dreams.

Tomorrow is not promised. Focus on making a positive impact in this very moment. Pour your heart into making this holiday season a time of joy and accomplishment, personally and professionally. It will set the tone for a strong start to the coming year.

Believe in yourself as much as JR did and as much as the Corporate Team and I do. We have faith in your ability to achieve remarkable success and are grateful for the privilege of being part of your lives and your journeys. We wish you all a Thanksgiving filled with love, gratitude and hope.

With heartfelt appreciation,


Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder

Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder


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