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Actionable Tips for Stress Awareness Day

Not only is today Stress Awareness Day but the entire month of April is Stress Awareness Month. Something with an entire month dedicated to it, must be important. Stress, while a necessary part of life, is something that can have a drastic affect on many aspects of our well-being including, the immune system, sexual wellness, sleep quality and so much more. Today, and everyday, is a good chance to reflect on how we personally cope with our stressors and acknowledge what ways it may be affecting our everyday life. Check out our tips and challenge yourself to incorporate one of these moving forward.

Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is at the core of many aspects of our well-being and stress can have an affect on our sleep, whether you find yourself sleeping too much or not enough. Truly restful sleep is necessary for our health and elevated stress levels can interfere with that. Try creating a bed time routine to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a goodnights sleep.

Choose Healthier Foods: Making better decisions in the kitchen can help build a strong foundation for wellness. Not only do we feel better when we fuel our bodies properly, but we help reduce oxidation and inflammation. What to add: citrus for an antioxidant boost each day. What to avoid: alcohol.

Take a Pause: Make time to pause for a few deep breaths. Simply taking a few mindful breaths can help reframe your heart rate, your breath and blood flow. After these breaths you may find yourself feeling less reactive and having more control over choosing stress.

Exercise Regularly: There is power in simply moving your body more. Whether it’s a walk each day or lifting weights, exercising regularly supports brain health, emotional well-being and helps us to blow off some steam.

Add Supplementation: Market America has an incredible line-up of products for stress, to read more on these products and more visit our Products We Love for Stress blog.

  1. Support calmness & sleep: Isotonix Turn Down
  2. Promotes relaxation and healthy serotonin and dopamine levels: Bliss Anti-Stress
  3. Supports head comfort and healthy levels of magnesium: Isotonix Magnesium


What step will you take today to find wellness within you today and everyday? To hear more on Stress Awareness, visit @mahealthyliving on Instagram to hear from Dr. Deedra Mason.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard