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Aleksandra Cummings Is Rockin’ The UK!

Aleksandra Cummings has the Shopping Annuity DNA and proves it once more with her planned visit to the UK again this June.  She had some exciting news to share with us.

A few weeks ago Agnes & Greg Bauza from Southampton won first place in the TLS challenge and are activated and ready to qualify for their first check this week! Rebecca Tomasiewicz also won third place in the same TLS challenge, talk about great team work.

Together with their team they know the key to growing their Shopping Annuity in the fastest way possible, they attend Motives makeup events almost every week. Last week Agnes traveled with one of her sponsors Marcin to Northampton to host TLS/makeup party. Not only did they acquire new clients but they sold the company’s exclusive products, and a few of the new clients are interested in finding out more about the business side of things causing a great duplication effect.

In Manchester the ABC pattern is amazing. Aleksandra sponsored Dorota Krygier who started her business 2.5 months ago. Dorota has already qualified for her second check and held a successful Motives makeup party at her salon in Manchester with Barbara Nowak. Although Barbara is not on her direct team they are still working together to build the Shopping Annuity and the brand which is exactly what team work is about, way to go Dorota. At this event Dorota met another woman, a stay at home mom, Renata Marek. Shortly thereafter the ladies hosted a three-way call together showing Renata the business plan via JoinMe. Right then and there Renata decided to become a UFO.

Last April, Phil Guido held a UBP in Manchester where Renata invited her guests Marysia and Ilona, who have also since become UFOs. Dorota had two of her guests of her own Barbara & Alicia, who after experiencing the UBP became UFOs themselves. Think about it – five guests attended the UBP, and four became UFOs!

After three weeks of being in the business, Renata has been activated and this week she qualified for her first check. We are sending her a big congratulations from the entire Shopping Annuity Team.

This week, Alicia hosted her first makeup event with Dorota at home and it was fun and successful. We’d love to hear all of your stories, feel free to share with us how you are building The Shopping Annuity

Here are photos from the UBP:


Aleksandra’s team has amazing momentum going, between training sessions, calls, UBP’s, coring’s via Skype, etc. It’s wonderful to see them work together as a team duplicating the system, and support each other!

Back in London, Barbara Gryc has also become activated and is qualified for her first check. Justyna Gryc has also become activated.

Look at the pristine ABC pattern.



Alicia’s first makeup party at her home in Manchester.




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