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All About Xoom Energy

Take control of your energy bills this summer with Xoom Energy! Did you know that you can earn up to 6.6% IBV when you switch to XOOM Energy? That’s not all, your customers will earn up to 2% Cashback. Continue reading to learn all about your choice in natural gas and electricity service through Xoom Energy.

What is XOOM Energy?

XOOM Energy is a service that allows our UFOs and their customers to switch energy and natural gas providers. In deregulated markets (i.e. markets where the energy isn’t controlled by the state), you and your customers will have the option to select your energy supplier, allowing you to access products and pricing not available from your local utility. XOOM Energy can provide traditional & renewable energy products at competitive pricing.


Why Choose XOOM Energy?

XOOM Energy provides a variety of plans that most utilities do not. For example, XOOM offers fixed price plans where customers can lock in rates and renewable options for customers who are environmentally conscious. Plus, they even offer month-to-month options for those who don’t want a long-term commitment.

This company also offers a customer loyalty program, XOOM Xtras. Customers can earn points by managing their accounts, playing games, voting in polls and simply being a customer. With these points, customers can get access to awesome discounts from places like theaters, restaurants, hotels, and more.

XOOM Energy is not available in all states. However, even if it isn’t available to you, it could be accessible to your customers. Currently, XOOM is available to the states shown below. Learn more HERE.

XOOM Energy Xtras

This customer loyalty platform is available to all customers. With XOOM Xtras, customers earn points by managing their accounts, playing games, voting in polls, and by being a XOOM Energy customer. With these points, customers get access to valuable discounts from movie theaters and restaurants, to hotels, theme parks, and much, much more.


Through XOOM Energy, customers get 10% off FilterSnap both now and every month from now on with this monthly subscription for air and water filters for your home.

What are you waiting for? See if Xoom Energy is available in your area HERE!

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

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