All You Need To Know About Motives Custom Blend

We live in a world of customization, so if you are not taking full advantage of our Motives Custom Blend program you are missing out on major business. Learn about the benefits of Custom Blend and how you can use this amazing product to better serve your customers.

The Custom Blend Concept

Liquid foundation and powders are the hardest products for women to find in their exact shade match. This is where our revolutionary Custom Blend products come in. Motives Custom Blend System is designed to capture the individuality and enhance uniqueness. When properly color-matched, foundation and powder should be invisible. They should make your client’s skin look flawless and smooth yet not feel heavy.

Why Custom Blend?

  • Customizing products accommodates everyone’s unique set of traits: coloring, skin type, age, lifestyle, personality and preferences
  • Guarantees 100% customer satisfaction
  • Builds unwavering loyalty and makes you, the makeupartist, indispensable
  • Unbelievable profitability and easy inventory control
  • Gives your business prestige and exclusivity
  • Easy promotion and marketing
  • Creates excitement and fun!

Questions To Ask Your Client During A Custom Blend Consultation

  • Could you walk me through your current makeup routine?
  • What foundation/powder do you currently use?
  • What do or don’t you like about it?
  • How are you applying your face makeup at home?
  • What results are you looking for from this product?
  • What type of coverage do you prefer (matte finish or glow)?
  • Do you have any concerns with your skin?

Determining Your Clients Skin Tone

Cool Colors

Cool colors give an impression of calm and are soothing.

They include:

  • Violet
  • Blue Green

Warm Colors

Warm colors are bright, passionate and energetic.

They include:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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