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Amazing SHOP.COM Updates from Marc Ashley!

During easily the most jam packed session of the weekend, Marc Ashley deserved not a synopsis in a recap, but a post all to himself for the many amazing updates coming to SHOP.COM.

SHOP.COM underwent a major overhaul during the official separation from and is about to experience yet another for a streamlined, simplified shopping experience.

As we speak, developers are re-creating shopping categories with subcategories for more consolidated and simplified searching so that users will be able to find what they need in half the time. SHOP.COM will add a new category for Entertainment, thanks to a new partnership with a music distributor, allowing shoppers to download more than 12 million songs from the site in addition to purchasing books, e-books, and movies!

Much to the crowd’s delight, Marc announced the coming of a brand new search bar which will refine results and allow shoppers to narrow their results without refreshing the page.

That’s not all, either. It gets better….

The new SHOP.COM will also display a more prominent Hot Deals button, with a more easily navigable landing page. Not only will SHOP.COM feature Hot Deals, but also Daily Deals: local and national deals discounted at up to 65%, lasting for 24 hours or until sold out which will earn both Cashback and 6% instant IBV!

The new and improved ShopBuddy will take the shopper straight to the best deals and remind shoppers to log back in to earn their Cashback so that the shopper always earns the Cashback and you earn IBV!

Marc went through the new Home Shopping List, which conducts an in-home evaluation of your home products, checking off each item that you need to increase Shopping Annuity, automatically adding it to your My List tool and to AutoShip. On top of that, next week, SHOP.COM will offer a discount to anyone using AutoShip!


SHOP.COM’s success continues to grow in leaps and bounds as 11,000 of 25,000 Partner Stores, including Nike, Sephora, and J Crew offer more than 2% Cashback!

Not only does SHOP.COM offer a simplified shopping experience and lets you earn while you spend, it has solved the issue of high international shipping rates by partnering with Bongo. Bongo gives international shoppers a US address where they ship American products, allowing international shoppers to send multiple packages and consolidate packages to send to the shopper at one time, cutting enormous shipping fees.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, going live in one month, SHOP.COM will open its first ever virtual office supply store! Instead of buying from major retailers, SHOP.COM will buy directly from the manufacturers, stocking more than 48,000 office supplies offering 5 % cash back and 20% IBV, up from 4 % that you earn now! Incredible!

On top of these incredible changes and updates, just last week, ChannelAdvisor added SHOP.COM to a partnership to create more OneCart shoppers to boost retail volume, adding 1,200 merchants, creating MORE Cashback and IBV for you!

Marc went through the outline of the new site with exclusive, never before seen screen shots of the future look and feel of the new, clean, and organized SHOP.COM, coming to your browser soon!

Did you get all that? SHOP.COM is the future of E-Commerce as we know it!

Like most of the news we heard in the past three days, these updates and changes are groundbreaking. The changes coming to SHOP.COM will revolutionize not only the way people shop, but the way you will build your business. Marc left the arena a motto to take away with them: “Do it….do it… Just do it.”

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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

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