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An Inside Look at the New SHOP Local Partnership with Yelp!

At the 2018 Market America World Conference last month, VP of Strategic Partnerships Eddie Alberty announced that Yelp & Shop Local are partnering to bring our users an even better experience. Well, that enhancement is here! That partnership not only allows Shop Local users to review and share their experience with Merchants and Restaurants through the Yelp app’s review process but this allows partnered Shop Local merchants to gain exposure to more than 175 million consumers that belong to the Yelp community.

You most likely already have Yelp downloaded on your phone and use it on a regular basis. As do hundreds of thousands of Americans. This is a game changer for the Shop Local merchants. Now, when a Yelp user searches a restaurant in their area, they will be exposed to Shop Local partners. This will bring even more traffic to the businesses signed up in the program, and in turn, more revenue to them and more Cashback and IBV to the UnFranchise Owner who signed that merchant!

Here is some additional information on the program and new Yelp partnership:

Get started pitching to your local stores today! It is easy to download these SHOP Local sales aides. Just head to the backend of your UnFranchise Site or click the links below.

Shop Local Syndication Slides from 2018MAWC

Shop Local Syndication Promotion Slides (Logo Adjustable version)  







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Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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