Announcing a Major MPCP Enhancement Regarding BV/IBV Placement

MPCP enhancement will stimulate prospecting and organizational growth

Market America Worldwide is pleased to announce a major enhancement to the BV/IBV placement policy. Starting Nov. 1, UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs) can place BV/IBV in the Business Development Centers (BDC-002 or BDC-003 only) of any new personally sponsored and qualified UnFranchise Owners in their first 90 days.

Current BV/IBV placement policy

UnFranchise Owners may assign BV/IBV to their personal BDCs. UFOs may also assign BV/IBV to the original BDCs (BDC-002 or BDC-003 only) of one designated personally sponsored and qualified UFO per quarter who has:

  1. Exercised the Monthly Accrual Option by ordering the UnFranchise Management System (UFMS) and placing the requisite PBV, with themselves as the paying ID, into their BDC-001 (UFO-50BV; Coordinator-100BV; Executive Coordinator and above-150BV), by the end of their previous Q-month.
  2. An active monthly UnFranchise AutoShip order.

Details about the enhanced BV/IBV placement policy

Beginning Nov. 1, an UnFranchise Owner will be able to assign BV/IBV to the BDCs (BDC-002 or BDC-003 only) of all personally sponsored and qualified UFOs in their first 90 days who have set up an active monthly UnFranchise AutoShip order including a UFMS subscription.

Note: This excludes a new Q-Date for late renewal and Sales Representatives converting to qualified UnFranchise Owner after their initial 90-day period.

Earn an additional BV/IBV placement by becoming a Master UFO 

When you master the Plan by becoming a Master UFO, statistical evidence shows that you increase your chances for greater success and higher commissions over those who do not participate in the Master UFO program.

The Master UFO program incorporates the Basic 5 fundamentals of the business and includes the result-producing activities that create growth and duplication. The program enables you to act with belief and confidence, knowing that UFOs before you have accomplished their financial goals. The reward for completing the Master UFO program has always been the growth that it creates within your business and organization.

UFOs can place BV and IBV into any of their own personal BDCs as well as into the 002 and 003 of one designated UFO in their organization per calendar quarter, in accordance with the downline placement policy.

Earning Master UFO status provides the opportunity to have a second BV/IBV placement, which can result in more commissions as well as BV/IBV incentives for your organization. The second placement will be awarded for each quarter that you qualify as a Master UFO. If you do not qualify in the subsequent quarter, the second designated placement will be removed.

We encourage every UnFranchise Owner to become a Master UFO for a given quarter to become eligible to designate a second UFO for volume placement for the quarter after the respective reconciliation/verification quarter. For example, an UnFranchise Owner who completes the Master UFO criteria during Q4 2022 (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2022) will be eligible to designate a second UFO for volume placement for Q2 2023 (April 1 – June 30, 2023).

This enhancement to the BV/IBV placement policy will stimulate prospecting and organizational growth. It will also create more of an incentive to your organization’s retailing efforts, in turn creating more volume and thus ultimately creating more commissions.

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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