Announcing The Winners Of The Shopping Annuity Scavenger Hunt at MAWC2017

With MAWC2017 officially over, it is time to announce the winners of the Shopping Annuity Scavenger Hunt.

The Scavenger Hunt was hosted by our Shopping Annuity Team at their booth at World Conference. The idea behind the contest was to give UFOs a fun way to interact with different people and product booths in the arena. We gave them a checklist of tasks to do, ranging from finding a Shopping Annuity Ambassador to showcasing their favorite Market America product. From there, the entrants had to take selfie or have someone take a picture of them completing each task and use the hashtag #mawcscavanger. Then, they had to post the photo on their social media profile (Facebook or Instagram) and include a fun and creative caption and tag us @ShoppingAnnuity.

There were three winners total, one for each day of World Conference. The winner of each day will receive 2 Tickets to Market America’s 2017 International Convention and VIP seating for two.

Then, we took the three winners and entered them in a raffle to get one grand prize winner. In addition to the VIP tickets to MAIC2017, the grand prize winner will also receive 2 tickets to the Gala at Market America 2017 International Convention.

Without further ado, the grand prize winner of the Shopping Annuity Scavenger Hunt at MAWC2017 is Kathy Trodie Jackson. Congrats Kathy! Let’s take a look at some of Kathy’s awesome submissions.


#mrshoppingannuity is the no excuses guy! Love you Carl!!! #mawc2017 #mawcscavenger
#awakeshots required after the late nights learning everything we can at #mawc2017 #mawcscavenger
Getting paid to eat tonight at Largo #shoplocal #shoppingannuity #mawc2017 #mawcscavenger
First timer Lizz Wells and I from section 113 going all the way up this week at #mawcscavenger #mawc2017 #kamandaprilsteam #shoppingannuity
I am #shoponshop – I have made the #shoppingannuity bonus every quarter since we opened our business. Learning more about how to buy name brand products with discounted gift cards and triple dipping on the savings we earn from every single dollar we spend on everything at #thousandsofpartnerstores these days!! #mawc2017 #mawcscavenger #askmehow #kamandaprilsteam #nobrainer

Our other two winners were Nicholas Colflesh and Nicole Passenti. Congratulations! Let’s take a look at some of their great submissions.

Sometimes to have fun you need to laugh at yourself! #mawc2017 #laughatyourself #mawcscavenger
Hoops at the prime joint stand #mawc2017 #mawcscavenger
#mawcscavenger #mawc2017 1st timer!!!
#mawc2017 #mawcscavenger #shoponshop my time is money I don’t wait in lines! I window shop socialize and the order on the phone and delivery it home I don’t strain my back carring cases of water laundry detergent or other heavy products

Thank you to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt. It was a lot of fun to see the creative and original submissions. Look for the scavenger hunt to return in August as we celebrate 25 years as a company at MAIC2017. See you in Greensboro!




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