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Loren Needs Your Feedback

Sharing the business with new people is exciting. We all look forward to helping others seek a life full of endless possibilities. But it can get tough sometimes when people you think may be a great fit turn down this amazing opportunity. I’ve been there, so I know exactly how it feels.

Don’t give up, though, because the Corporate Team and I can help you turn negative responses into positive results. We just need you to answer one question, and we will help you overcome this obstacle at ICON 2023!

What is the objection you get most often when speaking to someone about the business?

Take a moment to think about it and provide your answer by completing this survey today! Your business and your success mean everything to us as one Market America family, and we are committed to not only celebrating your triumphs but also helping you conquer any hurdles you encounter on your incredible journey with us.

ICON 2023 Ticket

As an added thank you for stepping up and engaging with me, after completing the survey, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a ticket to the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM ICON 2023! Congratulations to the three previous survey winners — Amber Kimball (Market America), Pei-Ru Liao (Market Taiwan) and Live Healthy Here, LLC (Market America) — who already won free tickets to this incredible event. You could be next! It will only take a few minutes to provide your feedback by clicking this link, but you must do it today.

Thank you in advance for sharing your challenges with me. Together, we’ll address them all at ICON 2023 this Aug. 24–27. I love you and can’t wait to see you there!

Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder

Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder


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