APN Available in All Market Countries for UnFranchise Owners

The Affiliate Publisher Network program (APN) is available now to UnFranchise® Owners in any Market Country. The Link Generator, APN Sidebar, and APN Widget Wizard can be used to generate product promotions for the SHOP.COM, SHOP Global, Motives® Cosmetics, TLS®, and Isotonix® websites. Licensed Health Professionals in the USA can promote nutraMetrix® products by using the Link Generator on UnFranchise.com. Using your unique Publisher ID, customers can follow the product link on your blog to your Market America | SHOP.COM web portal, and purchases made from this link will count towards your commissions! The link generator can be found on the APN page in unfranchise.com…go to My Account \ My Services \ Affiliate Publisher Network

Leveraging the APN program as a WebCenter Owner is a great way to generate traffic to your Shop.com or any of your Market America websites. This traffic will not only result in new customers and sales, but also the affiliate program will allow your website clients to earn commissions on the sales of Market America branded products without the need for inventory or an UnFranchise business. This can become a great talking point for those businesses that are looking for ways to increase their revenues!

Insider Tip: To properly validate a promotion, simply click the URL link in the destination and look for your publisher ID:

For more in-depth discussions on how to utilize the APN program to promote your UnFranchise Business, please look for us at the 2019 Market America International Convention in Greensboro, N.C., August 8-11. Stop by the APN booth for live demonstrations or attend the breakout session

APN Webinars

APN webinars will be held throughout 2019 to help answer questions and provide additional instruction about the Affiliate Publisher Network. Please contactpublishersupport@shop.com if you are interested in attending the next session.

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