Appointment-Setting Tips for Top Performers

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It’s a great time of year to fill your schedule and connect with new people to create reciprocal relationships. In business, it is always effective to create a network in your community with which you can establish healthy referral relationships.

If you leverage events in your area, you’ll be able to meet a ton of new people. Don’t know where to start? Simply search online for “networking events near me” or check out a site like for fun things to do that lead to new connections and friends!

When connecting with new prospective leads, here are tips to help you firm up an appointment:

  1. Pick up the phone. In terms of effectiveness in prospecting, research shows that out of 15 outreach methods studied, three of the top five utilized the phone. If you don’t yet have someone’s number (perhaps they’re a referral from social media, etc.), I recommend leaving them a voice note so they can hear the inflection in your voice and not misinterpret your message through text.
  2. Have a Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) website. Did you know it can take more than a dozen interactions to elicit a response from a prospect? Many people will search online about you before agreeing to meet with you. Having a professional online presence increases the chances of your prospects being interested in meeting. DMS offers a range of digital products to help market your business, including your own website. With a DMS site, you can introduce yourself, list any specific industries you specialize in and invite people to connect. By representing yourself professionally online, you’re sure to impress people, who will be more likely to give you a meeting.
  3. Get LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for sales outreach and networking. However, research shows that before responding to or connecting with you, more than 80% of buyers will look up your LinkedIn profile. What does this mean? People are researching you! Taking the time to have a professional online presence matters –– just keep it accurate, true and authentic.
  4. Ask for a meeting. When making calls or sending messages to book an appointment, speak with confidence and conviction. Let your contacts know the specific days and times you’re available to meet.
  5. Leverage referrals. Something magical happens when you sit down with someone who has already heard how amazing and successful you are! They’ll be much more open to hearing what you have to say and will take you and the opportunity to connect more seriously.

Fall in love with the process and strive to add value everywhere you go. Not everyone will want (or qualify) to partner with you in this business, but most will offer you a referral if you structure the meeting properly and posture yourself for success. Our business is powered by people, and we need as many as possible to keep things moving forward.

Don’t get stuck on the same handful of prospects. Continue to get out and about, invest your presence and purpose into your community, and trust that the right people will end up in your path. And remember, the fortune is in the follow-up!

By Lisa Martin, Motives® Director of Field Development

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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