April Motives & Skincare Webinars

You’re invited to hang out with us virtually in April!  Tune in every Monday for our interactive LIVE events, and every Wednesday for a WCW LIVE.  You will learn everything from skincare tips to beauty must-haves from top beauty professionals from around the country all from the comfort of your own home!

April 1st | 11 am EST : Introducing Motives Pro-Artist Program


Perhaps now, more than ever, Beauty Industry Professionals are thinking outside the box and learning how to evolve outside their comfort zone to adapt to the times and service their clientele on another level. Join Motives Director of Field Development, Lisa Martin, as she offers some insight on a next level Pro-Artist Program. Our products are professional quality, truly exclusive, and offer you a way to achieve a lifelong relationship with your clients.  Feel free to invite a friend!

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April 6th| 8 pm EST : All About Skin Event

Join us for this super informative and interactive LIVE event where you can learn to love the skin you’re in!

Whether you are currently using bar soap, baby soap, or proficient with your own 7 step regimen… this event is for YOU.

We’ll be walking you through all things essential, as well as showcasing favorite skincare products that take your skin health to the next level. What is better than spending time with friends, indulging in a skin treatment that both offers immediate satisfaction and jump starts your new routine to meeting the best version of YOU?

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April 8th | 11 am EST : Embracing Exfoliation – the uniqueness of a mechanical & physical exfoliator

Just like a plant flourishes when properly pruned, your skin can only rejuvenate when properly exfoliated! If you are like most consumers, you may be overwhelmed by both the process and the product choices when it comes to these essential skincare steps. Our goal is to offer you education during this fun and interactive session and pair with proper product recommendations that offer results! Learn the difference between a chemical and a physical exfoliator, get your questions answered and experience significant skin improvements from mastering this simple, yet essential, step.

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April 9th | 10pm EST: Beauty from the Inside Out (Deedra Mason)

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.

When: Apr 9, 2020 10:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Beauty From the Inside Out


April 13th| 8 pm EST : Beauty Basics Event

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted at the thought of not only choosing the proper beauty products but learning what to use where and when?

During this LIVE and interactive event, you’ll see the basics of beauty put to work in all the right places! Healthy, dewy skin…. Check! A natural boost to your lips, cheeks, and eyes … check! Our #1 goal of featuring these top 10 makeup must-haves is that you learn how to feel the best version of YOU.

So reach out to your go-to friend who helps make every experience an adventure and plugin / tune in to this fun and interactive event!

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April 15th | 11 am EST : Spring clean your makeup bag

Struggling with your skin, despite your dedication to an essential regimen? Do you find your makeup not applying as smoothly due to dull/dirty brushes? A simple solution could be to clean and sanitize your makeup kit/collection and give your brushes a bath! Join us as we offer you expert advice on essential sanitation and help you determine which products to part with in order to make room for necessary upgrades! If you are needing a reset and refresh, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

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April 16th | 10 pm EST:  Skin Essentials (Melody Sopa)

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.

When: Apr 16, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Skin Essentials


April 20th| 8 pm EST : Blend Your Beauty

FINALLY, a foundation that offers it all. The perfect color, texture, coverage and finish!

Let us walk you through, step by step, creating the ultimate blend of liquid and powder to achieve the ideal product that you’ve only ever dreamed of. With Motives custom blend, nothing is off-limits or out of reach.

Our certified Custom Blend Consultants are willing and able to mix up your perfect blend and offer you a unique perspective on products with proven results.

With a streamlined process that is simply duplicatable, you’ll be amazed and empowered at what your future holds with Motives Custom Blend. Register here.

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April 22nd | 11 am EST : Self-Care, feeling beautiful & living in harmony

One thing we pride ourselves on the most as a community of Beauty Advisors is emulating a life of health and happiness. During this session, we will strip it down and create a safe space where we can all be vulnerable and seek out advice on what works for others who may have mastered a balance amongst the chaos of everyday life. Taking time to properly care for your skin, is self-care. Embracing beauty from the inside out is self-care. Mastering your version of a 5-minute face to boost your confidence and productivity is perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself! And leaning on a friend or partner to mentor you and keep you accountable is the icing on the cake. We hope you’ll join us (and invite a friend!)

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April 27th| 8 pm EST : It’s Your Time to Shine

Are you ready to take your beauty routine to the next level? With Motives Cosmetics, anything is possible! And during this LIVE event, you’ll hear from some incredible MUA’s who have a passion to help empower others to look and feel their best.

So whether it’s a smoky eye or a simplistic look of seduction, we’ve got you covered! Plug in to learn some simple, yet powerful, tips on how to up the ante on your beauty game.

We’ll help you build the ultimate beauty bundle, while teaching you how to customize your look and your life with both powerful products and the people behind them! Register here.

wellmune for summer

April 29nd | 11 am EST : Flirty & Feminine with Shadows and Blushes

Seasons are the perfect opportunity to spice up your cosmetic collection. After a long stretch of winter and social distancing, let us help you learn a few new looks that leave you feeling fresh, flirty, feminine and beautiful!  Our guest MUA will offer education on proper techniques as well as recommendations for products that offer a colorful array of vibrant shades paired with soft, subtle finishes. Come prepared with questions and an open mind to try something new to help you step up and step out of your comfort zone!

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Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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