April Motives Webinars

Beauty Advisors, This Is for You! We are committed to your success and wanted to make sure you have access to a platform that will empower you to grow your business faster and more effectively than ever. Make sure all sessions are in your calendar – then it’s plug and play! xx

Monday, April 5th: Motives Roundtable @ 8 pm

One thing we love most about being part of our Motives community, is the ability to incorporate a part time passion into the rest of our crazy life!  We all have different lifestyles and obligations and that’s the beauty of this opportunity being a side hustle.  Join us each month as we learn from our Beauty Advisors how they’re leveraging their time to maximize results and stay true to their passion and purpose at the same time!

TO register: https://mbba.info/MotivesRoundtable

HOST: Leigh with Featured Guest, Aleksandra Cummings

Wednesday, April 7th: MBBA Mix & Mingle @ 7:30 pm

Virtual networking opportunity for potential prospects for the Motives Beauty & Business Academy. If you are certified through the MBBA, you have the opportunity to invite a prospect to a virtual meet and greet. This is the perfect way to create a flourishing relationship with a Beauty Industry Professional and also learn from some of the best in our community. You’ll observe the art of asking questions and offering customize solutions. We’ll also help facilitate next steps.

TO register: https://mbba.info/MixMingle

HOST:  Lisa & Vena Hudgins

Thursday, April 8th: Beauty advisor creator’s summit @ 6:30 pm

In this private session, you will be getting 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring on how to create usable content to help you build your brand on social media and how to weave it into your unfranchise business. This will be an open forum so get ready to turn your cameras on and come with your questions!!

TO register: https://bit.ly/39hjff6

HOST:  Leigh Raeder & guests

*Disclaimer: This session is not held by or through corporate and are put on by Motives Trainers/Beauty Advisors*


You’ll love this fun and interactive session! There will be a lively discussion on the Beauty Industry, paired with viable solutions you can offer as a Beauty Advisor. We’ll chat about the uniqueness of our brand and how you can position yourself to evolve into a professional by leveraging the tools, education and ongoing support available to our Motives community.

TO register: https://mbba.info/motivesmarketing

HOST:  Lisa Martin & Leigh Raeder

*Disclaimer: This session is not held by or through corporate and are put on by Motives Trainers/Beauty Advisors*


In this training you’ll get a tour of our collection as well as in depth education on how to create life long relationships by offering customized solutions to your clients. We dig deep into the importance of proper sanitation of your cosmetic kit and offer you all the tools you’ll need to conduct effective and efficient Client Consultations. After mastering the 1 to 1, we’ll move on to the leverage behind having a fun and interactive event with your clientele and even offer an action plan to set you up for success moving forward!

TO register: https://mbba.info/motives1to1

HOST:  Lisa Martin & Leigh Raeder

*Disclaimer: This session is not held by or through corporate and are put on by Motives Trainers/Beauty Advisors*

Sunday, April 11th : Self-care sunday

TO register: catch in LIVE on FB

Sunday, April 11th : Art of makeup application workshop @ 7 pm

This workshop is designed to help guide you – step by step – through proper technique using products that will help keep your makeup lasting all day long and looking fresh! Practice makes perfect and we will look a little crazy before we look beautiful.

TO register: https://mbba.info/artofmakeup

HOST:  Lisa Martin & Leigh Raeder

*Disclaimer: This session is not held by or through corporate and are put on by Motives Trainers/Beauty Advisors*

Monday, april 12th : Loren’s VIP Beauty Lounge featuring Loren Ridinger @ 8 pm

No one is YOU. And that is your Super Power! Motives mission is all about empowering you to look and feel your best while living a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about!  Inspired by Loren Ridinger, our Motives Super Hero, we’re super excited to introduce you to our new Super Power Matte Palette! Join us for a fun and interactive segment with Loren and her Motives team, as they share their favorite go-to looks uniquely designed with this new palette in mind!  Order one for yourself, invite a friend, and join us LIVE to recreate your favorite look and engage in some real conversation about uncovering your unique super powers

TO register: https://bit.ly/LorenVIPbeautylounge

HOST:  Lisa Martin & Leigh Raeder with Loren, Kim, Maria and Challenge Achievers


Wednesday, april 14th : Battle of the Brushes

TO join: catch it LIVE on Facebook! Details to be posted soon on the Motives Facebook page.


Monday, april 19th :  The Business of Beauty @ 8 pm

Did you know over the next few years, the global beauty industry is expected to reach a value of $863 billion! Or that as the industry evolves, it’s become apparent that the consumer has become the retailer and the advertiser of the product?

Join us for a fun and interactive session on the business of beauty! We’ll be getting personal with our featured presenters, as they share their professional evolution with our beauty brands and company.  You’ll notice you don’t have to have a background in beauty to achieve success! The journey is different for us all and we want to encourage you to fall in love with the process… to feel JOY in the journey.   And feel inspired to take a chance on yourself!

TO register: https://mbba.info/TheBusinessofBeauty

HOST:  Jacqueline Menconi & Guests


Wednesday, April 21st:  The Motives Business @ 7:30 pm

If you’re looking for a way to take the business of beauty to the next level, this is it! Join us for a more detailed tour of some of our exclusive beauty brands and to learn about what makes our marketing plan so powerful and unique!  A huge part of our culture is that we’re better together and our business plan is the perfect way to leverage 100% of one another’s time and talent!

TO register: https://mbba.info/MotivesUBP

HOST:  Martha Tello-Rosser


Sunday & Monday, April 25th & 26th : mbba virtual summit (1-7 pm)  

You’ll love the relevant content; taking you on a journey through the evolution of the Beauty Industry, understanding how to maximize your competitive edge leveraging all B2B services we offer as a company, and setting you up for long term success by teaching you how to connect the dots in order to customize solutions for traditional business owner

TO register: https://mbba.info/virtualsummit

HOST:  Lisa Martin,  Leigh Raeder & guests

*Disclaimer: This session is not held by or through corporate and are put on by Motives Trainers/Beauty Advisors*

Monday, April 26th: Beauty Advisor learn lab @ 8 pm

There is one skill we’ve all acquired whether we’ve wanted to or not, at that is connection through technology! In this dynamic new landscape of high-tech, we want to be sure to also focus on high-touch! As a beauty advisor, it’s our pride and purpose to make sure our customers feel seen, heard and appreciated! In this edition of our learn lab, we’ll discuss how to leverage technology to grow your sales and your team in a way that keeps it fun and interactive so as to create loyalty and longevity!

TO register: https://mbba.info/LearnLab

HOST: Lisa / Leigh

TOPIC: Virtual Retailing

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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