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Around The World: Loren Ridinger Featured On Elle Taiwan, Marc Ashley In Taiwan Business Today

The Market America Corporate Team is making headlines all around the world.

Senior Executive Vice President and Creator of Motives Loren Ridinger and President and COO of Market America Worldwide Marc Ashley were both featured by two major publications in Taiwan. Loren is featured on the cover of this month’s Elle Taiwan while Marc sat down for an illustrious interview with Taiwan Business Today.

Both of these interviews are huge honors and accomplishments for Loren, Marc, and the entire Market America family. The publicity and notoriety is awesome to see because it shows that Market America and the Shopping Annuity are slowly becoming household names across the world.

Let’s take a closer look at both of the featured interviews.

Loren Ridinger Graces Cover of Elle Taiwan 

Loren Ridinger is on this month’s cover of Elle Taiwan and for those who know Loren, it doesn’t come as a surprise because of her enormous success. Loren is an unbelievable entrepreneur and marketer and and a major reason as to why Market America is where it is today. Loren has taken SHOP.COM to new levels with the creation of Motives Cosmetics, one of the biggest cosmetics line on the market.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Loren serves as an inspiration to UnFranchise Owners because of her passion and “never say never” attitude. Because of Loren’s recent cover, her husband, Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger had this to say about the accomplishments of his wife.

“This is an amazing honor for Loren and our family, and an incredible way to help introduce our brand and business to new people in Taiwan. Loren is so much more than a global beauty influencer and ambassador for our business, she’s the light of my life and someone who inspires me every day with her leadership, tenacity, and tenderness. Thank you to Elle Taiwan for this stunning feature with Loren, and for sharing more about the most brilliant and beautiful woman I’ve ever known.” – JR Ridinger

Marc Ashley Interviewed By Taiwan Business Today

When you think of Marc Ashley, one of the first words that comes to mind is passion. Marc eats, breathes, and sleeps the UnFranchise Business and Shopping Annuity. His love for this company and business is unprecedented and unmatched. Marc is always looking for new ways to grow and expand the ideas of Market America.

Marc recently sat down with Taiwan Business Today to discuss the wonders of Market America | SHOP.COM. As Marc said, “what makes this company great and is the reason for why its lasted 25 years is because of great products and people are making money. Without those two components, the company would not be here today.”

To show his appreciation, JR Ridinger spoke very highly of his coworker and brother in reference to Marc’s accomplishments.

“Marc speaks a lot about people power in this interview but we are all lucky to have a leader like you willing to always go above and beyond for us. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and insights with Taiwan Business Today, and for helping us reach new people in Taiwan! With this type of global media exposure it’s easy to see why SHOP.COM is no longer the retail industry’s best kept secret!” – JR Ridinger


We encourage you to share these stories with your team members. Show them the growth and future of Market America | SHOP.COM and the Shopping Annuity.

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